A visit to The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon

I recently found these photos on my computer and decided I couldn't leave them sitting there so if you're an animal lover you might like this post! Last summer after travelling for six hours down to Devon I visited The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth. It's their largest centre and is home to hundreds of donkeys - every size and colour imaginable!

I've grown up visiting the beach for donkey rides since I was young so it was a really interesting experience to see so many and learn more about them. A lot of the donkeys at the sanctuary haven't had the best lives so it's great to see them in a much better place and hopefully on their way to finding new homes in the future. The Donkey Sanctuary have quite a few sanctuaries around the country in places like Manchester and Leeds so i'd definitely recommend a visit if you're an animal lover like me.

Five Good Things in May

May favourites

1. I started the month watching my friend get married in the Isle of Man which was such a nice day! It did rain but that didn't stop us having a good time and the wedding was perfect, I loved all the little details including the message in a bottle table markers and the pastel colour scheme. It was really nice to just get away for a few days and leave the country as I haven't been on a plane for years! It's definitely inspired me to plan another little trip away and maybe even brave travelling solo too.

2. This month I started my new job and so far i'm really enjoying it. I did manage to get ill near the start which wasn't great but hopefully now i'm immune to whatever it was! It's so nice to be in a job that is interesting and there's always something going on and I don't dread Monday mornings quite as much! I've still got lots to learn but after three weeks I feel like i'm settling in and making a difference which is why I applied for the job.

3. One of the biggest things i've done this month has been learning to drive on the motorway. I briefly mentioned this in my driving test tips post, but I threw myself in at the deep end by getting a job that involves a 30 mile commute on a motorway into a city at rush hour. I think i've proved to myself that I can be a confident driver because now I know where I'm going and which lanes to be in its just become a part of my routine. I actually find it easier than my old commute on country roads with lots of roundabouts and after all this time I finally feel like I can drive anywhere!

4. This month I finished eight months of laser hair removal at Sk:n. I can honestly say that it's changed my life and made it so much easier and I have no regrets about getting it done! The course of treatment was long and it is quite expensive but with a little bit of patience the results have been really positive, the staff are all lovely and overall I couldn't recommend it enough!

5. ♫ Three songs i've been loving in May: Gorgon City - Doubts, The Aces - Stuck and Kygo - Not Alone


Four Pastel Nail Polishes To Try This Spring

pastel nail polish

The weather is finally getting warmer so I thought i'd share some of my favourite pastel nail polishes for Spring. Although I love wearing darker shades in Winter I find myself gravitating towards pastel shades for the majority of the year, partly because I think they suit me better but mostly because I love the colours!

pastel nail polish
L-R: Eat My Dust, In A Flash, Parma Violet, Prim & Proper

The Barry M Speedy shades are my favourite as they dry so quickly and I hardly ever get any smudges or chips! The colour range is always getting better and the recent new pastel shades are perfect for this time of year. My two favourites are In A Flash and Eat My Dust - i've mentioned these colours a lot on my blog but you definitely can't go wrong with them and I know they'll be my go-to nail polishes this summer too!

I also like Topshop's nail polish offering as again they dry reasonably quickly and offer a good finish. The two colours above aren't as bright as the Barry M pastels but Prim & Proper is a lovely dusky pink shade and you can't go wrong with a lilac nail polish like Parma Violet at this time of year! I often find that Topshop have a better range of colours in store rather than online so i'd definitely recommend having a browse if you're looking for some new pastel nail polishes.