Four Pastel Nail Polishes To Try This Spring

pastel nail polish

The weather is finally getting warmer so I thought i'd share some of my favourite pastel nail polishes for Spring. Although I love wearing darker shades in Winter I find myself gravitating towards pastel shades for the majority of the year, partly because I think they suit me better but mostly because I love the colours!

pastel nail polish
L-R: Eat My Dust, In A Flash, Parma Violet, Prim & Proper

The Barry M Speedy shades are my favourite as they dry so quickly and I hardly ever get any smudges or chips! The colour range is always getting better and the recent new pastel shades are perfect for this time of year. My two favourites are In A Flash and Eat My Dust - i've mentioned these colours a lot on my blog but you definitely can't go wrong with them and I know they'll be my go-to nail polishes this summer too!

I also like Topshop's nail polish offering as again they dry reasonably quickly and offer a good finish. The two colours above aren't as bright as the Barry M pastels but Prim & Proper is a lovely dusky pink shade and you can't go wrong with a lilac nail polish like Parma Violet at this time of year! I often find that Topshop have a better range of colours in store rather than online so i'd definitely recommend having a browse if you're looking for some new pastel nail polishes.

My tips for passing your driving test

It took me six tests and almost three years of stopping and starting lessons to learn to drive, so I thought i'd put together a post of things I learned along the way. After lots of bad experiences I finally found an instructor who helped me beat my driving anxiety and i'm now enjoying the independence my license has given me!

driving test tips

Find the right instructor
It took me four instructors before I found one that gave me confidence and was patient, calm and helped me to get over my driving anxiety. Although it's good to ask friends and family for recommendations, finding a driving instructor is more down to the type of person you are and the way you feel about driving.

I started out with a large company and the instructor I was allocated was rude, swore at other drivers and got angry with me when I made mistakes. He also left me at the side of a road when the car broke down and would fill the car up with petrol when he was supposed to be teaching me! I then had two other instructors who made me feel useless when I failed my tests and while three of my friends had passed with one of them, he wasn't right for me. After a three year break for uni, I found a new instructor after looking online and she was perfect and gave me the confidence, support and encouragement I needed to pass. In my experience female instructors are a lot more understanding and calm so if you're having trouble finding an instructor who doesn't stress you out it might be another thing to consider.

Don't give up
I mentioned above about my three year break for uni and this is something that i've always wished I hadn't done. Taking a break is one of the things that increased my driving anxiety and booking my first lesson after all that time away was so scary! If you do take a break make sure your new driving instructor doesn't start teaching you from scratch; after a couple of lessons it didn't make me long to remember the things i'd learnt before which really surprised me.

driving test tips

If you can go on the insurance of a friend or family member i'd really recommend driving outside of your lessons as practice is so important when you're learning to drive. If you're looking for your first car, i've shared my top three small cars for new drivers. Driving is less about your own abilities and more about what the other drivers on the road are doing so the more experience you have the better you'll get about anticipating bad drivers and driving on roads with tricky junctions. It's been a year since I passed my test and i'm still learning, especially when it comes to parking and motorways and the only thing that will help me with this is practice!

And the last thing to remember? Tests are down to luck; your driving might be perfect but it can be the other drivers on the road that cause you to fail so don't beat yourself up, don't give up and try again.

A Little Primark Haul

Recently Primark hauls on YouTube have become a bit of a guilty pleasure. As i've had a bit of time off work before I start my new job I thought i'd treat myself and go shopping while its quiet and Primark isn't like a jumble sale! I've been trying to buy more investment pieces for my wardrobe so a lot of the things in this post are accessories although I did pick up a pair of comfy joggers that I forgot to photograph!

Primark haul
Pink Feather Clutch £12
This statement clutch isn't something i'd normally buy but it goes perfectly with a dress i've got and i've been looking for a bag to match it for a while. It was £12 which is a bit expensive for Primark but it's a really good size for fitting everything in and you'd pay a lot more in Accessorize or Topshop for something similar.

Primark haul
Fluffy Keyring £2, Copper Lights £6, Cosy Socks £2
I've been wanting a fluffy keyring for a while but they're so overpriced and i've seen them at £7 each so when I saw this grey one for £2 I thought it was a bit more reasonable! I'm sure it will probably fall apart or get dirty but for the price I don't think i'll be too disappointed! Everyone has a pair of Primark cosy socks but these shorter ones caught my eye as I can get away with wearing them inside boots without looking like I have huge ankles! They came in a few summery colours but these pink stripy ones were my favourite and came in a pack of two pairs. I rarely leave Primark without something from the home range and these copper lights are perfect for my room. There were some similar ones that were a bit longer for the same price but I thought these ones looked a bit more expensive.

Primark haul
Grey Pointed Flats £5
Primark is great for affordable footwear and with the weather getting a bit warmer I picked up these grey pointy flats. They're perfect for work or for dressing up a casual outfit but i'm probably going to return them for a smaller size as they come up quite big. They also came in a rust colour but I thought grey would be more wearable and go with more outfits.