Five good things to start 2017

Five Good Things - Spring 2017

1. Hello! So I thought i'd write a quick blog post - i've really missed my little space on the internet recently! Back in mid-2016 I started a new job which involves a 30 mile commute and a few months later found myself in a relationship so finding time to myself isn't something that happens very often! I loved writing my five good things posts and I really regret not keeping them up so thought i'd start the year with something easy to write!

2. I'm on a bit of a mission to save at the minute; i'm hoping to buy my first house later this year and finally put an end to my long commute (after spending 3 hours sat in traffic a few weeks ago i'm so ready for this!). I can't wait to have my own home and i've got so many ideas thanks to my obsession with Pinterest! I couldn't resist the little cactus above which was £2.50 from Primark recently!

3. My blogging break means i've got lots of new beauty favourites to share (hopefully in a separate post) but the Barry M Jelly Nail Paints deserve a special mention. I used to love the Speedy ones but they chip quite easily and the really shiny finish and long lasting colours means i've converted to the Gelly ones. Once i've found the time and patience to use them, my favourite colours are Rose Hip, Pink Lemonade and Sugar Apple.

4. Last year I went on my first holiday abroad in 10 years to Paphos in Cyprus, and i'm now planning a little trip with some friends to somewhere warm this summer! I'm going to share more photos from my trip as I can't recommend it enough - from the nicest food to paragliding above the sea, I came home with the best memories. And now I can't wait for another break from work and some sun, even if it means I have to save a bit more for my house!

5. And finishing with music (as usual) my current favourites are the new Fenech Soler album Zilla (Undercover is my fave), Prodigal Son by Rationale, LMS by San Scout and the new Rag'n'Bone Man album, Human.

Manchester Christmas Markets

Manchester Christmas Market Santa

Last weekend I went to Manchester Christmas Markets, after craving mini Dutch Pancakes for an entire year! After last year's disaster when it rained all day, it was nice to wander around wearing my favourite winter coat and actually be able to look around without having wet feet!

I chose the pancakes with syrup - there were lots of other flavours including Nutella but my love of sweet things still finds the combination of chocolate spread and pancakes a bit too rich! Obviously if you're looking for the real German market experience there are lots of traditional hot dogs and beers to choose from, but if not, there's definitely something for everyone!

Manchester Christmas Market mug with hot chocolateMini Dutch Pancakes

Later on I bought a hot chocolate - last year I got one with Amaretto but finding the stall again in the crowds was a bit of a nightmare! If I go next year i'll definitely choose a weekday or go for a long weekend so that I can spend more time there when it's a bit quieter as it was hard to even find somewhere to stand to enjoy the food.

There are lots of stalls (not just food!) and some of them are repeated around the streets which is good if you don't want to walk around everything as you won't miss much. If you're looking for a German market to get you in the festive spirit Manchester is a great choice, i'd just recommend visiting at a quieter time if you can!

A visit to The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon

I recently found these photos on my computer and decided I couldn't leave them sitting there so if you're an animal lover you might like this post! Last summer after travelling for six hours down to Devon I visited The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth. It's their largest centre and is home to hundreds of donkeys - every size and colour imaginable!

I've grown up visiting the beach for donkey rides since I was young so it was a really interesting experience to see so many and learn more about them. A lot of the donkeys at the sanctuary haven't had the best lives so it's great to see them in a much better place and hopefully on their way to finding new homes in the future. The Donkey Sanctuary have quite a few sanctuaries around the country in places like Manchester and Leeds so i'd definitely recommend a visit if you're an animal lover like me.