A few recent favourites

Soap and Glory skincare

Soap & Glory skincare
I thought i'd start with skincare as that's how this blog started and i've missed talking about my beauty favourites! I discovered both of these products in the Boots Soap & Glory Christmas gift that they do every year but never expected to end up repurchasing them. The cleansing milk is really gentle on my skin and I love that I can remove my mascara without it hurting me eyes. 

I'm always cautious about using new moisturisers as my skin is quite sensitive but the speed plump moisturiser is perfect. It's so hydrating, smells amazing and is a great base for makeup and hiding my dry skin. Although it's quite pricey at £13 it does last a long time and is worth the money especially when there are 3 for 2 offers on at Boots!

Primark sunglasses
As someone who wear glasses every day I find it really hard to find sunglasses that I like that are in my prescription. I was recently browsing Primark and spotted these cat eye sunglasses which are my favourite shape! At £3 I decided i'd wear them around the pool on holiday as I was so happy i'd found some in a style that suited me and I knew I wouldn't need to see things far away. I'm hoping to find some in the same kind of shape that I can get in my prescription, I just wish they cost the same as Primark!

Primark sunglasses, ASOS silver rings, Cluse watch

ASOS rings
A few months ago I started wearing rings more regularly and now I feel really bare if I don't wear them! I used to buy lots of cheap ones from Primark but I was always annoyed when my favourites went green or coppery and they never lasted long! I now buy my rings from the ASOS sterling silver collection which is a really affordable range with lots of designs and sizes that actually keep their colour!

Cluse watch
I've been thinking about getting an Apple watch for a while but the cost really puts me off and all I really want it for is to get competitive about how many steps i'm doing every day! Browns have created a clever little infographic tracing timepiece trends throughout the ages and I actually think I prefer a more traditional style watch, like the grey Cluse watch* which i've been loving recently. I use my phone a lot to check the time but at work if I don't have any pockets then a watch is a must-have or i'd be late for everything!

The Food Medic Hazel Wallace book

The Food Medic book
There are so many health and fitness books out there that it can be really hard to know whether they're full of useful information or 'just another fitness blogger book deal'. Hazel's book is one i'd recommend for its simple recipes and it's great if you want to learn a bit more about nutrition without being overwhelmed with scientific words! When i'm trying to be a bit healthier or lose some weight i've found it really useful to understand more about why I need certain foods in my diet and what they mean for my health which equally motivates me to try a bit harder! Out of all the fitness blogger books i've read this one stands out as a book i'll be going back to again and again.

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