22 October 2019

Five good things to start Autumn

Mad About The House book, Cookie the Guinea Pig, and Devour restaurant

As summer is almost officially over and i've got my winter coat and jumpers out, I thought it was time to reflect and write another Five Good Things post...

1. We bought a house! It took a while thanks to having so many surveys to do but it's so satisfying having the keys and freedom to make this house our home. It's a huge renovation project as every single part of the house needs a makeover. So far we've almost removed all the 1960s wallpaper which covered nearly every wall (and ceiling!), and started knocking walls down and removing the chimney. We're sharing this over on Instagram @_renovating27 as lets face it - i'm not very consistent at blogging these days!

2. For James's birthday we went for another amazing meal at Devour just outside Huddersfield. I'll probably write a full review but wanted to share the love for this restaurant which serves the best Italian food including homemade pasta and fresh pizzas, as well as a huge selection of desserts. This is all in a refurbished barn which creates such a nice atmosphere - i'm sure it will look amazing when it's decorated for Christmas and offers a great place to celebrate a special occasion as well as lunch or dinner.

3. This is definitely not a good thing that happened but I want to reflect on how lucky I am to have had six years with my best friends. In September Cookie died peacefully aged six, leaving me with the best memories (and plenty of videos so she'll never be forgotten!). Saying goodbye to Pudding, Crumble and Treacle over the past few years means i'm now sat here without a pet for the first time and it's been difficult to get used to. I've had a routine of being greeted by hungry Guinea Pigs squeaking every morning, and getting up and going to work without this is a constant reminder of how much I rely on my pets to keep me smiling every day. I was going to wait until we've moved into the house to welcome some new additions but the sadness i've felt over the past few weeks means i've decided that life is too short to wait, so hopefully there will be some little Guinea Pigs causing chaos for me very soon.

4. In January I set myself the challenge of reading 15 books in 2019 and so far i'm on number eleven. I've got a bit of catching up to do to meet my target but i'm really pleased i've managed to consistently read for nearly a year compared to hardly anything since I started uni eight years ago! Most recently i've read Mad About The House by Kate Watson-Smyth which has given me lots of ideas and helped to shape my plans for the house as there is so much to think about!

5. ♫ Three podcasts i've been loving: The Great Indoors, Wear It's At and Table Manners with Jessie Ware.
30 July 2019

A city break to Liverpool - the food

If you've read my blog for a while you'll know that I never plan a trip without considering the food! Here are my favourite places to eat in Liverpool if you're visiting for a city break.

My absolute favourite and somewhere i'll definitely eat at again was Bacaro! This is a highly rated restaurant and bar serving small plates that are perfect for sharing. We chose four dishes and two desserts which was just the right amount along with a few drinks. For mains we chose: tomato mozzarella and basil pizzette, slow cooked harissa lamb with tagliatelle pasta & pecorino, fritto misto and buttermilk chicken milanese. My two favourites were the pizza and the lamb pasta - i'd definitely order them both again.

Places to eat in Liverpool - Bacaro tapas

For dessert we had a tiramisu pot and a chocolate orange mousse with meringue, pistachio and yuzu.  I wasn't sure what i'd think of the mousse but I actually loved in more than the tiramisu which was a surprise - I just wish i'd had room to order a bigger selection! After finishing a great meal,  we went for drinks afterwards as Bacaro is in a great location in the centre of the city.

Places to eat in Liverpool - Bacaro desserts

I never go on a city break without trying pizza somewhere so while we were exploring Bold Street we went to Crust. Although not the best pizza I've tried, the menu was huge so i'd probably go back and try something else, particularly as there are five different pizza bases to choose from. There are also pizza wraps, pasta and a selection of desserts as well as traditional pizza so you're guaranteed to find something you'd like!

Places to eat in Liverpool - Crust pizza

Our final restaurant was Mowgli, which had the most amazing interior and serves Indian Street Food with a twist. It was a bit dark in there which is why my photo is terrible but overall we enjoyed a unique take on Indian food. Our choices included Bunny Chow - a chicken and potato curry served inside a bread loaf (!), Butter Chicken and Mowgli Chip Butty - a roti wrap with turmeric fries. The only disappointment was having to send back one of the dishes as it was cold, and the service which felt a little rushed, but that wouldn't put me off trying Mowgli again.

Places to eat in Liverpool - Mowgli Indian Street Food

If you enjoyed this post, there are lots more city break recommendations as well as suggestions for places to eat in the travel category of this blog.
20 June 2019

The best places for food in Fuengirola

I recently shared 5 things to do in Fuengirola and thought i'd share some of the best places for food too, as eating the best local cuisine is always the top of my priorities! While we were there we struggled to find many online reviews (other than Tripadvisor) for food so I thought i'd share some of my recommendations for anyone planning a visit.

La Galeria for street food 
This little street food market is in the middle of Fuengirola near the church. It's really modern and has a range of options including Mexican, Greek and Spanish cuisines. We spotted the El Santo Nachos and couldn't resist them for lunch one day - they were huge and the chicken was also really tasty! This market is ideal if you're looking for a bite to eat, it's really clean, airy and spacious with plenty of seating and we'd definitely have visited again if we'd had the time.

Best place for nachos in Fuengirola

La Farola for local cuisine 
La Farola is a popular local restaurant set in a square with plenty of outdoor seating. We were really lucky to get a table on the night we visited so i'd recommend booking in advance to avoid being turned away. The menu is huge but everything is cooked perfectly - I had the Ricciola fish, deep fried with potatoes and vegetables and James had the chicken kebab. They say you should dine where the locals do and it was obvious that there were lots of regular visitors there when we went so this is somewhere you won't leave disappointed!

La Marmita for tapas
Described as 'Twisted Tapas', La Marmita is located on the seafront. We opted for five dishes as our main course (you can share your dietary requirements but the food is a surprise) and five desserts. The food was so good and many of the options weren't things i'd normally pick so it was great to try something different and surprise myself! My favourites were the tomato soup and the date and banana cake and we both agreed that it is somewhere we'd go back to if we visited again. This restaurant was another popular choice with every seat filled when we went so i'd recommend booking to avoid a wait.

Best place for tapas in Fuengirola
Best place for tapas in Fuengirola

Munchies Smokehouse for burgers
Top rated for burgers on TripAdvisor, we decided to try Munchies burgers one evening. You can't book so we went a bit earlier to make sure we didn't have to wait for a table. I had the Mexicana burger which had nachos, guacamole, spicy cheese and jalape├▒os and we got sweet potato fries which we just about managed to finish! The burgers were good but I think I would have preferred a chicken burger as i'm not the biggest fan of beef - the cocktail I had was huge which made up for my poor decision on the menu front!

Best place for burgers in Fuengirola

Limoncello for pasta and pizza
Newly opened when we visited, Limoncello is a modern restaurant in the heart of Fuengirola. We went really late on our first night for some much needed pizza after our flight and then visited again on our last night for pasta. The pasta was ok but i'd recommend the pizza more - we really liked the restaurant as it was easy to find, reasonably priced and had a good atmosphere on a night.

Best place for pasta in Fuengirola

Moocher's Jazz Cafe for pancakes
James had been to Moocher's about ten years ago and developed a bit of an obsession with the bolognese pancake so he insisted that we visited. Out of all the restaurants we visited Moocher's Jazz cafe had the best atmosphere in Fuengirola, with live music and a really quirky decor. I had the chicken, pepper and sweetcorn pancake with cheese which was really nice - I was just disappointed that I was too full for a sweet one for dessert! The service here was the best we had in all the places we visited and it's definitely somewhere you can stay for a few drinks after your meal too.

Best place for pancakes in Fuengirola

I hope you enjoyed a quick round-up of the best places to eat at in Fuengirola; if you looking for things to do in Fuengirola have a read of my previous post - a boat trip on Bombay Sapphire should definitely be top of the list!