2 May 2009

Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion review

I recently tried out the new Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion. On first impressions I really liked it, the name of it is a little different but its a really good product. The thing that struck me about it was the smell; the scent is orange flower - to begin with I couldn't really smell it much but as I started to moisturise it into my skin it smelled a lot more fruity which I really liked. 

It moisturises your skin quite well, it is fairly light but not too thin either. It keeps your skin moisturised for quite a while- it says on the packaging 24 hours but I don't think it really lasts that long. Overall i'm really pleased with this product and would consider repurchasing it when its on offer as the only let down was the price.

Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion is £3.49 at Boots for 250ml which is a little pricey but you do get a good amount of product for the price. It has now been discontinued but you can still buy the Happy Time Shower Cream which I also reviewed here.


  1. Great review - might get a sampe to try :)

  2. hm this looks nice, might have to try it out!
    Come stop by and say hello and take a look around! Hope to see you around soon.

    xx Belle

  3. My skin doesn't like it, it stung! :(