28 August 2009

Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara review

I haven’t had the Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara for long but I love it! It’s the best mascara i’ve ever tried and beats Benefit Bad Gal Lash by far.

What I Love About It:
•It separates your lashes and there are no clumps.
•It claims to give 14x volume – it definitely gives me a lot more volume than any other mascaras i’ve tried (maybe not 14x though!)
•It doesn’t smudge or run – a lot of drugstore mascaras do this but this one doesn’t.
•The price - £6.69 at Boots and worth every penny.
•The packaging – I love the colour and the wand is really good too.
•The formulation – it is quite runny which is good as it builds up the volume and makes it easy to apply.

I would recommend the Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara to everyone and would definitely buy it again! It has everything a mascara needs to have without the high end price tag!

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  1. Totally agree with everything you'v said here :)

  2. Hi, I'm leaving a comment for you because you have a wonderfully beautiful blog. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and got really absorbed by them ! You have fabulous pictures too. Thanks for sharing them all and best wishes....

  3. thanks for the info. i love hearing people's opinions on makeup. it really helps when i decide to buy stuff.

  4. i am always looking for good mascaras and its great to hear a positive review! mostly everyone who reviews a new one is disappointed by all of the broken promises of full, clump free lashes.

    im gonna check this one out - thanks!

    p.s. lashblast is amazing if youre ever looking for an alternate!

  5. My all time favourite mascara is the volume flash so I better check this one out.
    You've been tagged hun!
    Check out my blog xx