6 September 2009

First Blog Award

Thank you to Lucy who sent me my first blog award!

The Rules:
Share 10 random facts about me and then tag 10 blogs I reading

Here are my 10 random facts:
1) I'm just about to start my A-Levels in Food, Business, Psychology and ICT.

2) I love fruity shower products - Original Source Shower Gels and Radox Shower Smoothies are my favourites.

3) I have a hamster (Honey), two Guinea Pigs (Muffin and Truffle) and two Rabbits (Parsley and Sage).

4) I'm learning to drive in two weeks - i'm excited but scared!

5) Snow Patrol are my favourite band although i'll listen to pretty much anything.

6) I always buy Glamour magazine.

7) My favourite drink is innocent's Yogurt, Vanilla Bean and Honey thick.

8) Sunday is my lazy day, probably why this took me so long to write - blame Facebook!

9) I think Jamie Afro should win The X Factor

10) I always wear nail polish - I never have bare nails!

I hope you've enjoyed finding out some random facts about me!

Here are the 10 girls I tag because I their blogs!
Daisy, Ohmyskele, LulaBelle17, Alice, TheGirlWithTheArabStrap, Becca, SwirledPeaCat, MissDollyGal, PandaDoesMakeUp, Kel


  1. Hope you like your award!
    It's really strange how much we have in common.

    I'm taking A levels in Business & ICT.
    I only ever use original source shower gel.
    I ALWAYS buy glamour (do you have the new one, i've just finished reading it!!)
    And I adore that smoothie - although I can never find it anywhere near me :( xx

  2. @Lucy no I havent got Glamour yet - im getting it tomorrow as I couldnt get it when I was on holiday :(
    & I haven't had that smoothie for ages either - I can only ever find it in Sainsbury's and they never have any anymore - I hope they havent stopped making it!

  3. Aw thanks for the tag, will deffo do this soon :)

    I <3 hamsters soooo much :)

  4. Thankyou so much for the tag hun! I'm definately going to do this tomorrow, how hard is it finding 10 random facts though lol! I love the radox shower smoothie too, I get through it way too fast, its on offer in tesco at the moment!xxx

  5. thanks for the tag, love :) going to do it right now!

    p.s. i never have bare nails either!


  6. thank you for tagging mee, i'll get round to it at some point but i find it so hard to think of interesting things about me :p
    yr pets have THE cutest names ever!
    and that drink sounds delish!!!

  7. Ah you legend you love snowpatrol :) i seen them in concert in december! they wer so good!!

    and thank you so much for this mention, following your blog! and good luck with you a levels there a nightmare! lol xoxo