11 October 2009

Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes review

The Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes are really popular at the minute so I thought i'd review the Sleek Original palette and the Sleek Storm palette as i've been using them a lot recently. Before I got my Sleek eyeshadows I hardly ever wore eyeshadow. I never really bothered with it as most of the eyeshadows in my collection were purples and blues – not exactly everyday wearable shades! Both of these palettes have some lovely neutral shades that are really pigmented and would suit any skin tone.

The Sleek Original Palette was the first one I got, I was lucky enough to win it in Leanne’s contest so I was really pleased as I hadn’t been able to get hold of one in my local Superdrug. There are a wide range of colours in the palette and there really is a shade for everyone. I prefer the bottom row of colours especially the light gold and pink shades as I can wear them anytime. Im not sure if i’ll be wearing the bright blue much, although it might be good for a bright Halloween look!

The Sleek Storm Palette has a few more neutral colours and you can blend quite a few of them together to create an even nicer look. I got this after I fell in love with the Original Palette and I like the colours in this one even more! There are some really pretty golds and some darker shades which make a really nice smoky eye look.

Sleek palettes are £7.99 from Boots which is such good value for money! The quality is so much better than a lot of other high street brands and I always find palettes so much more convenient for travelling than single eyeshadows. I found that with a primer they last all day and application is so much easier because they're mineral based. The only thing I don't like is the applicator, but i'm more than happy to use my Zoeva brushes for this.

If you're looking for even brighter colours, have a read of my Sleek Circus Palette review.


  1. Great review, I brought my first sleek palette, the storm one this week and I'm loving it. Such a great product x

  2. I love the sleek palettes, i have these two aswell and I use the storm palette every day, my mum always steals it!xxx

  3. Hi hun thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

    I so want a sleek pallette! I've never seen it any of my superdrugs I don't think :-/

    Original and storm look dead nice. x