27 December 2009

Christmas Sale Shopping

Yesterday I went to have a look at some of the sales. Probably the best sale I went to was the Boots one.
There were quite a few Gift Sets left which were all half price - there weren't any Soap & Glory ones left though. Here are the things I picked up:
-Harajuku Lovers- Snow Bunnies Perfume - £6.25 for 10ml (normally £12.50) 
I got one of these for Christmas and loved it so I thought it would be nice to try some of the others. They are limited edition and as they are only for Christmas they were half price in Boots. You can also get these in The Perfume Shop sale but they are slightly more expensive at £7.99.

-Lee Stafford Pink Passion Gift Set - £6.49 (normally £12.99)
I love Lee Stafford products as they all have a really nice scent. I got a Lee Stafford fragrance set for Christmas a few years ago which I loved so I picked up this one. It comes with a 50ml perfume, 75ml shower gel, 100ml body spray and a small solid perfume. They were all in the Pink Passion fragrance.

-Lee Stafford Bling Bag - £10 (normally £20)
I got this as it contains three full sized products which would cost over £10 if they were bought separately and I wanted to try out some of the different hair products without paying a lot. It contains a mirror, solid perfume,   refresher spray, sparkle spray and glossing serum as well as the pink bag it comes in.

-Charles Worthington results 'Silky' Gift Set - £6 (normally £12)
I got one of these last year as I really like the Charles Worthington shampoos. They are a bargain as they contain a full sized shampoo and conditioner and a mini blow dry spray and a mini hairspray. In total if you bought these products individually in Boots they would cost £12.60 so it is best to buy them in the sale. There are some other hair gift sets but many of them contain mini products so they aren't as good value.
  • I went into the Next Sale and bought a t-shirt but I think a lot of the better clothes had already been sold.
  • I also went to the Topshop sale - they had some nice clothes but a lot of them weren't that cheap even though they were in the sale so i'm going to wait until they reduce them down a bit more. 
  • Dorothy Perkins hadn't reduced many items but the ones that were had been reduced down by quite a bit. 
  • Superdrug didn't have much left and not everything had been reduced. 
  • The Body Shop wasn't open so I didn't get chance to see what they were offering. 
  • The HMV sale was quite good - although I didnt get anything I might go back and get some DVDs as some of them were quite cheap. 
Thanks for reading - have you got anything good in the sales yet?


  1. Fab bargains there hun!! I saw the Harajuku perfumes when I went yesterday, I already have Angel and I love it xxx

  2. Great sutff you got there! :) I bought some gift sets today and there was no soap and glory sets left in mine either :(


  3. wow you got some great bargains! thanks for letting me know wheres good and not so good for sale shopping :-) xxx

  4. ooh you got some great bargains! xoxo