5 December 2009

Lush Snow Showers, Dream Cream & Honey I Washed The Kids soap

Today the postman brought me a nice surprise. It was my little prize for winning the Lush raffle on Twitter. I was really pleased I won & im looking forward to trying out everything I won. I've never actually bought anything from Lush before - i've been in a few times but have been so spoiled for choice that I didn’t know what to buy! In my prize I got:
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap - this smells so lovely and is making my room smell nice too! Im really looking forward to trying it & will probably do a review.

Snow Showers Shower Jelly
The shower jellies caught my eye last time in Lush so it will be good to see how they work. This is a special Christmas one with wild oranges & cognac.

Dream Cream Hand & Body Lotion
This also smells amazing and will hopefully work wonders on my dry hands at this time of year. I put a little bit on this afternoon and it lasted a lot longer than I expected

This prize has inspired me to take a look at the other products Lush has and I will definitely be purchasing next time I go in. Have you tried any of these products? Are there any that you'd recommend? Thank You again Lush for my prize!


  1. i love lush, also the dream cream i got a charity tub of it (A mini tester thing) and keep it in my bag, its perfect for my dry hands in this cold weather!

    x <3 x

  2. Lucky you!! :) They all look so nice and ive heard loads of good stuff about that soap! I hope you enjoy using them all! XO

  3. Ooo good prizes!

    I would recommend Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, it's so yummy.

  4. I love Lush. I've never tried the dream cream though. I have snow showers but I do find it really hard to use as it's so slippery lol. A good tip is to put it on a flannel or body pouff (what are those called lol) thing and use that to get bubbles instead. X

  5. I love Dream Cream, great for dry skin. Their shampoos and skin care is pretty good too xx

  6. I was lucky to win these too :D I love the smell of snowshowers mmm x

  7. + also So white bath ballistic smells fantastic.