31 January 2010

Eyeko Makeup Review

Today i'm reviewing some of Eyeko's newest products. I've tried a few of their older products but didn't really like them as much as i'd have hoped - the only one I love is the Disco Polish which I think has sadly been discontinued. I love their new range with Alexa Chung so I was looking forward to trying these products out.  

Eyeko eyeliner

I've never seen any products like this before and I think the Graffiti Eyeliner Pen a really good idea. I'm not great at applying liquid eyeliner so a product like this is something i'd be interested in. It's very similar to a felt tip pen - the only thing I was worried about was it smudging or running. I tried this out on my lower lashline but it didn't really work - it went exactly like a felt tip pen when you get water on it -the pigmentation was barely noticeable. It works best when used on the upper lashline - it is fairly easy to get a straight line but doesn't give the same effect as a normal liquid eyeliner. I'd definitely recommend this to people who struggle to get a straight line or want a fast way of applying eyeliner as it is smudge proof and easy to remove. 

Eyeko fat balms
I bought the Strawberry Fat Balm a while ago and although I liked the smell of it I wasn't a fan of the bright red pigmentation. The Raspberry Fat Balm also gives your lips a dark red colour - it is wearable but im not sure if it suits me! I like the smell of this though as it isn't too strong. You can also use it as a blush - I haven't tried this but I think you'd need to blend it quite a bit to make it look natural. The Minty Fat Balm is my favourite. It is really moisturising and gives your lips a nice pearly sheen. It tastes quite similar to Burt's Bees Lip Balm without the tingly sensation. Out of all the Fat Balms this is the one i'd recommend. If you like these products have a read of my other Eyeko lip product reviews

I got two of the Line & Shine duos - Plum & Electric Purple and Teal & Electric Blue. As you can see from the swatches, these liners are really pigmented which is always a good thing.

Eyeko eyelinerEyeko eyeliner

The electric purple and plum are both really nice shades - my favourite is the plum as it's quite wearable and brightens up a softer eyeshadow. It was quite easy to apply along the upper lashline and created a fairly thick line. 

Eyeko eyeliner
Eyeko eyeliner

Again I liked both shades but the electric blue one was my favourite as it was so pigmented. It's a really good shade to wear on a night out as it is bright and doesnt smudge easily. It is also easy to remove which is good. I liked both of these eyeliners and I really hope Eyeko bring them out in other shades as it's a product I would consider repurchasing. There is another liner in the range which comes in Black Glitter & Silver. 

Overall i've been quite impressed with the quality of these Eyeko products and will definitely consider purchasing some products from them again - I think some of them are a bit pricey for what you get but you do get a good sized product for your money. I've heard lots of good things about Eyeko mascara so that's definitely on my list to try.

Feel free to use my Ambassador code: E2757 if you order to get a free gift. This week with every purchase over £10 at Eyeko you can get a free PopStar Line&Shine (the blue one reviewed above) - just enter the code Pop Star into the comment box.


  1. oooh i like the look of the line & shine duos!
    thanx for the review!

  2. Great makeup review... too bad we don't have these in the states Mon Mode Blog