10 January 2010

Happy 101 Tag

The rules:
Post 10 things which make you happy
Try and do at least one of them today
Link back to the person who gave you the award
Pass along to 10 people

Thanks to the lovely Natalie, Ellie, Kim (Dottie K) and Stacey for tagging me to do this!

Top ten things that make me happy:
1. My Guinea Pigs, Hamster & Rabbits, my pets make so happy! They are so loving-anyone with pets will understand what I mean.

2. My Friends & Family, they are always there for me and know how to make me laugh which is all I need.

3. Haircuts, I love the feeling of having freshly cut hair, especially if it looks exactly how I want it

4. Weekends and holidays, at the minute any time other than Sixth Form makes me happy, im so bored of all this work!

5. Blogging - I love writing my blog and all your lovely comments never fail to make me smile; I also love reading other peoples blogs too

6. Listening to music, my favourites at the moment are: Biffy Clyro, Michael Buble & Snow Patrol

7. Reading, i'm reading Shopaholic Abroad and this months Glamour mag

8. Shopping, I love spending money on nice things, especially makeup and jewellery

9. Lush, i've only just got into Lush but I love the smell of all their products, especially the comforter and their 'Let Them Eat Cake' lip balm!

10. Painting my nails- as you've seen from one of my previous posts I have quite a big nail polish collection which is always growing, i'm always spoilt for choice about which colour to go for but I hardly ever leave the house without painted nails!

Here are the blogs i'm passing this on to: (sorry if you've already done this!)
Holly, Jennie, Aqsa, Kirsty, Lauren, Lucy, Rachimo, Holly, Small Town Gal, Eluciaa


  1. thanks so much for tagging me :D,X!

  2. I love the Shopaholic books, they're the only chick lit I read. I'm pretty sure most beauty bloggers can identify with Becky so well, lol.

  3. Thanks for tagging me!
    I have a feeling mine will be very similar to yours :)

  4. Hey, i nominated you for an award hun! :)

  5. Seems great fun to do this! I am with you in most of them!