3 February 2010

New In: ASOS Nail Polishes

I made a little order with ASOS as I liked a few of the nail polishes in their sale.
ASOS Paint by Ciate in Mary-Kate - black with gold glitter
ASOS Paint by Ciate in Agyness - purple metallic
These were £2 each, reduced from £6 - I mainly bought them for the cute packaging!
You can get them here - now £1.50
Models Own Set - £2
This was a bargain as these polishes are £5 each on the website!
The set came with Red Alert and Carat Gold 
These are my first Models Own polishes so im excited to try them :)
You can get them here

I'd recommend getting the Super Saver delivery (£1.95) as it only took 2 days to arrive! I also got 20% off using the code ASOSINSTYLE but im not sure how long it lasts for.


  1. Asos always have such good sales :) I bought pixie ages ago and I still haven't tried it, will have to get it out one day. I do like the look of Mary-Kate though so you'll have to do a NOTD! xx

  2. I was gonna get those two ciate polishes!
    But i bought some opi and the models own ones instead
    They look gorgeee! xx

  3. Spare of the moment purchase just made :D just bought both Mary-Kate and Agyness, couldn't resit them only being £1.50 each and the cheap postage x

  4. ASINSTYLE lasts until 28th Feb, I get paid on Friday so I'll be taking advantage of it! How do the Ciate polishes go on?


  5. Love the packaging of those polishes! x

  6. The Asos paint packaging is so pretty! Nice post :) xx

  7. Oh i bought the asos paints too! i cant believe they're 1.50 now, LOL. i think i bought them when they were 2 or 3 pounds.

  8. they look so pretty. !!


  9. Ahh yeah, you're right! We did get very similar stuff haha!

  10. How are you liking the Asos nail varnishes? I had my eye on them for ages but wasn't sure if I could justify spending like 6 quid on a brand I wasn't sure about. Ended up randomly finding them for £1.50 and went ahead and got Mary-Kate and whichever the like teal one is. Waiting for them to arrive now! xo