20 February 2010

Products I Regret Buying & A Special Mention

I don't buy a lot of bad products really, most of the ones I buy are recommendations and i'm pretty careful with my money anyway so I try not to make many mistakes. That said, there are a few products to show you.

1. No17 Lipstick in Dare To Bare
I hate this lipstick! When I picked up the tester I thought 'shame it's got someone elses lipstick on it' I then swatched it & it looked like a nice nude so I decided to buy it. When I got home I tried it out, it looked quite nice and not like concealer lips which is always a bonus. Fast forward about an hour, and my lips were bright pink! I couldn't believe it! I hadn't done anything except apply a nude lipstick! It turns out the 'lipstick' that I thought was smeared on the tester was actually the true colour - this was obvious when I checked my lipstick - once it touches moisture it changes the colour. I doubt that this is the intention of this product - it's not a nice surprise anyway! So don't waste your £3.49 on this, it's not what you'll expect!

2. Colortrend Pressed Powder
This was one of the first pressed powders I tried but sadly wont be using again. I'm quite pale but I thought getting translucent and not translucent tan would be ok. I was wrong, it made me orange. It also smells a bit funny, I can't work out whether I like it. This product would only suit a few people and as there are only 2 colours to choose from its unlikely many people will find a good colour match. This is £3.75 from Avon.

3. No17 Nail Polish in Moonstruck (£2.99)
I bought this a while ago when grey nails were really on trend. I was really disappointed when I put it on my nails and they were metallic! I felt like a robot with metal fingers! This isn't really a bad product it's just my bad colour choice so although I don't like it, some of you might. Im thinking of using it with my Konad instead as it might not look as bad as a pattern. I managed to get Wham by Collection 2000 which was the colour I was looking for originally.

Happy 2nd Birthday Parsley! (she's not a product I regret buying ;))


  1. That lipstick reminds me of the Barry M green lip paint
    I knew it would change colour, but it went really dark pink after a few minutes and cos its like waterproof or something it won't come off :(

    Cutee bunny ! I want one :)

  2. Totally agree with you on the pressed powder, i bought it years ago when i was first into makeup and it made me look orange also! I can still remember the weird smell aswel lol!

    Parsley is so cute!



  3. Colortrend Pressed Powder - i have it in tan. I don't kno why, cause i'm pale. Really pale. It smells too much. I can smell it throughout the day. It's so annoying. I used it as a broner sometimes :D

  4. Parsley looks gorgeous. I love rabbits, used to have a dwarf-lopped Rabbit called Cadbury! lol xx

  5. i bought a number 17 lipstick in 'Blondie' and when i saw it and swatched it, the colour was a beautiful baby pink and when i bought it and put it on my lips it came our orange and full of glitter :/ x

  6. thank you for sharing this to us :)

  7. Awww bunny is so so adorable xx

  8. Ahhhh, cute bunny. I have the Wham colour too and love it!

  9. Hi , just to let you know my competition has now ended please check to see if it was you who won :D

    Lots of love,

  10. I havent tryed any of these but I dont like the sound of that lipstick! & Parsley is soo cute XO

  11. So is the No 17 lipstick meant to change colour? Because if not, I'd suggest sending them a wee email to let them know... cos that's just weird.

  12. @Emily - no it's not, I sent them a letter & they just said to take it back but i've seen someone on YouTube who had the same problem with it so i'm not planning on buying any of their lipsticks again.

  13. aww cute bunny :D and sorry about your disappointments :(
    - Angie