8 February 2010

Nice Things from ASDA

I picked up a few nice things from ASDA yesterday which I thought i'd share with you:
George Swallow Earrings
There are so many nice pieces of jewellery in ASDA at the minute - I love the nautical earrings and necklaces! I've seen lots of similar Swallow earrings in places like TopShop and Accessorize so I thought i'd get these as they were only £2!

N-Spa Kisses Limited Edition Strawberry Bubble Bath
I've heard lots of nice things about this range and as it smells like Strawberry Milkshake I couldn't resist! It's Limited Edition for Valentines Day and there are 2 other flavours to choose from: Champagne and Chocolate. I think this was £1 which is really good for 500ml especially as the regular 500ml bubble baths in the range cost nearly £3.00. 
I also picked up 2 more bottles of nail polish remover as they are 2 for £1 :)
Have you found anything nice in supermarkets recently?


  1. Them earings are really cute spitting imagine of some of the earings you can get from topshop but a fraction of the price bargain :)

  2. Oh those earings are so pretty! And what a great price! Thanks for sharing - will pop to get those when I'm next in :) x x

  3. I have those earings!
    when i saw them in asda i was like ahh :)
    great post :) x

  4. Love the earrings! I really need to go to a Asda so I can pick up some of their nail polishes and browse the jewellery :D I got some shower gel like your bubble bath for Christmas and it is really nice.

  5. oooh! i need to go pick up some polish remover, thanx for letting us knw!
    need to try tht bubble bath too!

  6. Those earrings are so cute! Could easily be from Topshop or Miss Selfridge. Good shout Georgey boy! xo

  7. those earrings are soo cute!
    what a steal :)

  8. Those earrings are super cute - what a bargain! xo

  9. Love the earrings hun, what a find! xxx

  10. what a gem of a find those earrings are! will have to take a wander down to asda now. thanks for the heads up! x

  11. Gotta love ASDA- what a steal! And I've used that shower gel before it's lush :). Replaces by beloved LUSH Snow Fairy when I run out!

  12. those earrings are really cute, thanks for the tip about asda, I've got one down the road so I think I'll be popping in later :)

    Queenie x

  13. Those earrings are gorgeous! xx