7 April 2010

Hi, My Name Is Caz

Never in my life have I been: to a music festival

The one person who can drive me nuts is: my brother

High school: was nothing compared to A-Levels

When I'm nervous: my legs shake and I don't want to speak

The last song I listened to was: Lights by Ellie Goulding

If I were to get married right now my maid of honor: would be my best friend

My hair is: getting too long and I want to dye it

When I was 5: I painted my white school shirt and got told off

Last Christmas: was quite boring

I should be: revising for exams

The happiest recent event was: passing my theory test

By this time next year: I will hopefully know where i'm going to uni if I go

There's this girl I know that: needs to stop giving herself a bad reputation

I like you when: you leave me nice comments

The world could do without: cancer

Most recent thing I've bought myself: is a Malteaser Bunny

Most recent thing someone else bought me: was a meal at an Italian Restaurant

My middle name is: embarrassing

The animals I would like to see flying beside birds are: guinea pigs

Once, at a bar: I was sober.

Last night I was: watching UP with my friends

There's this guy I know who: is like a best friend and always makes me laugh

Tomorrow I am: hopefully going to do some proper revision

Tonight I am: going to organise my folders

My birthday is: 21st September

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  1. I've just done one of these! It was actually quite fun! I watched UP at the weekend. I cried at the Carl and Ellie montague. it was so sad! xxx

  2. I just did this today too and I so want to watch UP. May have to nag the boy. Another September birthday too, woop. xx

  3. I'm going to do this soon :)
    i've never been to a music festival either! i thought i was the only one haha! xxx

  4. I LOVED Up, so so cute :) xxx

  5. I love the song Lights, have you heard her cover of Jolene?? It's beautiful, I love Ellie Goulding.

    Deffo go to a musical festival, they're an experience.

  6. lovely post doll!
    ahh you must go to a musical festival at least once :)

  7. Thank you so much for following me - I can't believe I hadn't found your blog before! I will definitely be doing this post in the near future...! xxx