20 April 2010

I Need Your Help - Foundation

I'm looking for a new foundation but I have no idea what to choose! I love the beauty community for being brilliant at giving advice so I thought i'd ask for your help. I'm currently using Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse which i've been using for about 3 years! I do sometimes go back to using a No17 liquid foundation but I prefer the DMM for being quick and easy to apply. Although I do like it im not happy with the way it looks on my skin anymore; it highlights my dry patches, doesn't last long and the coverage isnt great. I normally use MAC MSF or a No17 Pressed Powder over the top which can help it last longer. I've had a look in Boots and Superdrug but there are so many new foundations out there which all promise different things that I don't know what to choose. I would prefer one that can be bought in a drugstore and is no more than about £12. I've set up a quick poll below so you can pick which one you'd recommend - if the one you'd choose isnt there or you prefer more than one please leave me a comment. Thank you for your help! :)


  1. There's a lot of good foundations there! I guess it depends what you're really looking for. My favourite one at the moment is Lily Lolo, 'cause my skin gets so oily in the warmer months so a powder foundation helps that. I also own Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection, which is okay but the shade range is very limited, the lightest one is quite a bit too dark and yellow for me. Maybelline Dream Creamy and Dream Satin Liquid are both nice for medium coverage but only really last well if you set with a powder. Revlon Colorstay is fantastic if you want a heavy coverage and it lasts ages. I've heard good things about Healthy Mix, too! I don't recommend Revlon PhotoReady - I've got it and it really does make you sparkle.

    Hope that helps! xo

  2. I know this isn't on your list but I love the Revlon Colour Stay Mineral Mousse foundation. It is perfect for Summer as it is very light and doesn't feel heavy at all. It is a bit less thick compared to Dream Matte Mousse but goes on so evenly and effortlessly. :)

    I hope you manage to find one you like....It is so hard shopping for foundations!

    Natalie xxx

  3. I'd recommend the Dream Creamy foundation, although not as matte as the mousse. It's still a pretty good foundation with a good coverage and it should help your dry skin as it's slightly liquidy, even though it's solid xxx

  4. Healthy Mix, because it looks healthy and dew-y but not in a shiny way. I thought I'd hate it, but I really like it :)

    and it smells absolutely delicious :D

  5. I love the Revlon Colourstay. I use the version for oily skin but I'd probably look at the dry skin version for you. If it's anywhere near as good as mine you'll love it. I reviewed it recently on my blog if you want to see the results!
    When I had better skin I really liked No7 tinted moisturiser in Fair. It's quite good coverage for a TM and long lasting.
    Vicki xx

  6. It depends what sort of coverage you want i guess..
    Personally I recomend revlon colorstay if you want full coverage and borjois healthy mix for medium to light coverage :)

  7. Presuming that the dream mousse you're using is your perfect shade then I strongly suggest the Maybelline pure liquid mineral! Although the coverage is light, I think it's great for evening out skin tone rather than covering. It goes on easily (I use a brush), blends well and leaves a kind of fresh finish (it doesn't leave that heavy kind of dirty feeling that I find with some). Then again, this is just how it works for me and I have dry-normal skin and my main priority is just to create an even base. I much prefer Maybelline's mineral foundation to MAC's.

  8. I love that ur doing this post bc im looking for a new foundation also. Ive noticed ppl are saying revlon colorstay.
    Atm im using maybelline liquid mousse foundation and i reallly reallllly love it for a drug store brand. but im kinda over it bc the weather where im from is getting kinda cold so it looks kinda different but it looked great in summer with powder on top. hope that helps!

  9. I used to love Colorstay but it is just sooo heavy and even with the normal/dry version it highlighted my dry areas so perhaps not a good choice for your skin???
    I have always loved the MaxFactor liquid illusion foundation - I've gone back to it after a few years and can't understand why I stopped using it? It is so easy to apply and leaves a perfect semi-matte finish xx

  10. I like Revlon ColorStay but I won't be wearing it in the summer months, it's far to heavy for that.

    I'm going to be predictable and say Lily Lolo minerals because I'm addicted hah. Either that or 10 hour sleep effect or healthy mix by bourjois.


  11. I use the Maybelline Pure Mineral foundation. It's a light-medium coverage which I prefer for daytime as it doesn't feel heavy like Colorstay for example.
    It goes on really nicely and lasts OK, about 9-10 hours at the most, although that would be improved with a primer and decent setting powder.

  12. I didnt like revlon colourstay as it broke me out after one time use.Im using Rimmel match perfection at the moment,Im loving the finish and it has an spf 15,Iv got a review of it over at mine,it lasts ages on me and thats only with my fix+,its also cheap,so if you didn't like it,you probably wouldn't care that much lol.xx

  13. i used to always use maybelline dream matte mouse too, simply because it was so quick and easy! but then as i got older (wiser:P) i did notice it made my face appear much drier and didnt do much for the texture either, nowadays im using dream creamy foundation by maybelline, its my favourite atm:) good coverage and lasts almost all day, not drying at all and just as quick and easy as the dream matte mousse:) ive never broken out from it and it feels cooling to apply xxxx

  14. i had the same problem with my foundation! i was using mac studio fix and it just started to look horrible
    i went and bought revlon colorstay and the bourjois sleep effect foundation
    i really like the coverage of revlon colorstay and the colour i've got matches perfectly BUT i think its breaking me out :( which is really sad coz i actually love the foundation

    if you like a lighter coverage the bourjois sleep effect might be the one to go for!

    i also used to use the dream satin liquid but found that didnt work for me either however i think its just the fact i need to keep changing my foundation routine around

    hope this helps :) xx

  15. First off I actually hate foundation but that is because of my skin. I have freckles which you might have noticed in some of my pics. and I have this huge problem with them being covered or looking faded and weird, but saying all that I have a foundation for my wedding next week and after trying loads I actually chose Bourjois Health Mix. Its really light and goes on well. so I would go with that, but I am in no way an expert. lol

  16. I LOVE the Bourjois healthy mix foundation and the 10 hour sleep effect, I would have chosen them both on your widget! I have 2 bottles of each in the lightest and 1 shade up for my changing skin tone! :) its just so light and a real every day foundation, and they both photograph beautifully! :)

  17. I really enjoy reading your blog so I've nominated you for an award! ♥


  18. I love Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect!
    I really enjoy your blog so I've nominated you for the sweet blogger award on my blog :)

  19. Louisa keeps getting there before me ;) I've also nominated you for the sweet blogger award, can't advise on foundation though sorry! I'm a mineral girlie myself! :) xx

  20. Helloo there~
    I'm in search for a new foundation too so I actually need answers aswell. ^^
    I'm gonna stalk this post & see through other girls advices. hehee.
    Never tried any drugstore foundation except for Maybelline when I was in middle school..

    <3 Risya