27 April 2010

Review: Radox Shower Smoothies

I can't believe I haven't reviewed these as i've been using them for ages! I've used so many different shower products and if I had to pick then my favourites would be these or the Original Source Shower Gels. I also love my super-tiny bottle of Lush's Snow Fairy but I only use it on special occasions to make it last till December ;)

There are 5 'flavours' in the range; I think i've tried all of them except the 'Energy Therapy' one.
-Energy Therapy, Ginseng and Guarana with Lemongrass and Loofah Bits.
-Natural Balance, Yogurt and Honey with Hyssop and Almond Bits.
-Tropical Tranquillity, Coconut and Crushed Almonds with Myrrh.
-Spirit Booster, Yogurt and Pomegranate with Elderberry Seeds.
-Soul Soother, Chamomile with Blackcurrant and Cranberry Seeds.

My favourites are Soul Soother and Spirit Booster as they're really fruity. I like the little bits that are in them as they can be used to exfoliate. They are really creamy to use and make lots of soft bubbles so are a nice treat for your skin. I'd really recommend them as they are something a bit different to your normal shower gel and feel so luxurious to use! They're £2.49 each in Boots but are often on offer.


  1. I've used these many times before and love them! They smell delicious! :) xx

  2. Never heard of them? must not have it here in the state :( darn! lol

    XxX s.

  3. I love these, there totally refreshing, and a lot better quality than I thought they would be :)

  4. hope that's available here in philippines...oh well..

  5. Those sound really good....next time I go down to Boots Ill be picking up one of those!

  6. i absolutely love these, they smell delicious! i picked mine up in poundland :) x

  7. I love bath/body products and I'd never heard of these! Will be keeping an eye out next time I'm in Boots :)

    Liz xx