11 May 2010

New In: Eyes Lips Face

I've been meaning to make an ELF order for a while so when I got a free shipping code I thought I might as well. I've been wanting lots of little things so these will all fit nicely into my collection. I've been using everything I got for a couple of weeks so i've done a little review of each; I might do a more in-depth review on the primer after I have tried it for a few more weeks.
Heres what I ordered:
Mineral Infused Face Primer  - £6
I've never tried a primer before and this one isn't too expensive and has been compared to the Gosh one which is double the price. It makes your skin feel really velvety and you only need 1 pump to cover the face. It really minimises the look of pores and helps to hide dry skin although it doesn't hide it completely. So far i'm really impressed with this and it's definetly worth the price. I had a problem with the pump on my bottle but Elf's customer service was really helpful and they sent me another which works fine. 

Clear Nail Polish - £1.50
I use so much of this stuff and after cleverly ruining the one I had by putting nail polish remover in it and making it cloudy I thought it was time for a new bottle ;) I've used it a couple of times and its just as good as any other clear polish. 

Eyelash Curlers- £1.50
I really like the look of these as they don't look like they cost £1.50! They are really easy to use and do the job a lot better than the ones I originally had which were bent.They also come with a spare rubber pad which is good so i'd really recommend them. 

Liquid Eyeliner in Black - £1.50
I'm crap at liquid eyeliner so I bought this cheap one to practise with. It's not waterproof but the consistency is good and it dries ok.

Plastic Compact - £1.50
I've got quite a few eyeshadows and blushes that are loose so I bought this to keep them in. I took out the plastic tray as they were too big and then attached magnets and they fit perfectly! The compact is made of really thick plastic and is a lot better quality than I expected. 

Foundation Brush - £1.50
I normally apply my foundation with my fingers so I bought this to try a different technique. The bristles are quite soft but I don't really like the cheap handle. I've washed this a couple of times and so far no shedding.

False Lashes - £1.50
I needed some glue for some false lashes I already have so I was lazy and bought these because they were cheap and I could use the glue! I haven't tried these so i'll update you on what I think. 

I also thought i'd let you know that I might not be posting as much in the next few weeks as I have lots of exams and this is a brilliant distraction so I need to stay away! I've scheduled a few posts so you'll still have something to read, I just won't be replying to any comments very quickly.


  1. Great haul, I love elf :) XO

  2. i have the primer , and i must say like it alot. it doesnt bother my dry/ sensitive skin

  3. Great buys! I'm tempted to buy something from ELF if I can get my hands on a free shipping code! :) xx

  4. I love the ELF eyelashes but the glue is appaling. I'd reccomend going out and buying some seperatley.

  5. I have the primer and really rate it :)

  6. the eyelash curler is great!

  7. I just got in to elf and I love it! Need to try the primer!


  8. I love elf, so much!
    must get the nail paint. xx

  9. Great purchases, the eyelash curler looks really good and the primer is on my ELF wishlist! x

  10. These look lovely! look like good quality too. i may have to make an order :) x

  11. ELF is sooo worth it :)
    The primer didn'tt do much for me but most people like it :)
    you can get some really good bargains :)


  12. So glad you did this review, I'm considering placing my first order and one of the things I was considering was the primer!