5 May 2010

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Review

Top - Porcelain, Bottom - Blondie

Before I did my foundation help post I ordered a few samples from Lily Lolo. I'd heard lots of good things about them and after seeing some brilliant posts by Jennie and Emily on them I decided to order some samples.

They were really reasonably priced - for a 0.75g sample you pay £1.25. I ordered 2 Mineral Foundation samples in Blondie and Porcelain so that I can try and find my perfect shade. Postage is super cheap too- its just £1 for orders up to 50g and my order arrived in a couple of days.

I used a kabuki brush to apply them and was really surprised by how nicely they look on the skin - I've never tried a powder foundation before so I wasn't expecting a coverage as good as what I got - it evened out my skin-tone and my skin felt really silky. Some of my blemishes did show up but you would only need a bit of concealer to hide them.

I used one colour on each cheek to see the difference between the shades, (don't worry I wont post a photo!) I found that Porcelain was far too light for me but Blondie was also a bit dark so im going to mix them until I find the perfect colour match. I did find that some dryer parts of my skin were highlighted because it is a powder so im not sure if a primer would help stop this. I think this kind of product would suit someone who doesn't have dry skin although im not sure what it would be like for someone with oily skin.

Overall i'm really pleased I tried Lily Lolo and I think in the future it's definitely a product I would consider. I think it would be a nice product if my skin wasn't as dry so for now i'm still on the hunt for my perfect foundation.

A full sized jar (10g) is £12 so its a bit more expensive than drugstore foundations but i've read a few reviews which said that it lasts a while so it will probably be a good investment if you do buy some. I'm really interested in trying their mineral blushes, if the quality is as good as the foundation then I might have found my perfect blush - 'Ooh La La' looks gorgeous! If you've tried Lily Lolo let me know what you think :)


  1. I am wanting to try Lily Lolo, so this is very useful :) I didn't know about the samples, this is a really good idea.
    I hate buying foundation. It's so confusing and I am never happy with the result!
    The quest to find the perfect foundation is a never ending one I think, for me anyway

  2. You're the exact same as me - I mix blondie & porcelain together to get my perfect match too hehe. Great review lovely! xo

  3. I've looked at Lily Lolo before but never seen it through for some reason, I think I just keep forgetting (which begs the question of how interested/bothered I am maybe :-/!?!). Those sample sizes look like a decent amount to try out though.. Thanks :)

  4. I have oily skin and I've been using Lily Lolo foundation for a few years now, I love it. I have to mix Porcelain and Warm Peach for my perfect colour!

    I ordered a sample of Ooh La La with my last order, it's a gorgeous colour!

  5. good review :) I have never tried anything from Lily Lolo, might have to check it out now :) x

  6. I ordered some samples a few weeks ago, like you I got the porcelain and blondie and I'll be mixing a colour depending on my tan, at the moment I'm pure porcelain but we're on holiday next week so that may change!
    I also bought samples of primer, blusher, concealer and the yellow undereye concealer. I'm yet to give them a proper test but will let you know when I do.
    Vicki xxx

  7. Ive heard about Lily Lolo quite a bit, but was never sure where you can buy it from! Good that they do sample sizes :) I might need to check them out. Great review lovely xx

  8. Really helpful review, going to check them out this month :) x

  9. I ordered a few samples a while ago, then completely forgot about them until I saw your post, going to give them a try next week x