16 May 2010

Lush Poll Winners

I had a little poll on my blog for a few weeks asking you which Lush product I should use next.
I listed all the Lush bath ballistics and bubble bars that I have as I can never decide which one to pick. 

Here are the top 3...
1st Place: Butterball
2nd Place: The Comforter
3rd Place: Honey Bun

I was surprised Butterball was the winner, I was expecting it to be The Comforter! As you can see from the photo I don't actually have one of the butterballs you can get now; it's one of the bigger snowmen ones left from Christmas - he was called Mr Butterball. Would you like to see more polls on my blog? 


  1. Mr Butterball is my favourite Lush item of ALL time! :)


  2. mr butterball! how cute! i like the idea of polls onn blogs i think they're fun :) x

  3. yayy the butterball :) x