24 May 2010

Max Factor Max Colour Effect

The Max Colour Effect Collection launches in June and is the vibrant new range from Max Factor for Summer 2010. As you can see it features a range of on trend colours so there's something to suit everyone. There are 38 products in the range including Mini Nail Polishes, Dip In Eyeshadows, Trio Eyeshadows and Lipglosses.

I think the Mini Nail Polishes look cute and the colour range is brilliant. The nail polishes retail at £3.49 each which is expensive in comparison to brands like Barry M but for the colour range and quality I think it's worth it. I was sent shade 11 - Red Carpet Glam which is a bright red. I think it's a really nice colour for summer and the application is brilliant. The brush is really easy to use even though it's small and the consistency of the polish is perfect. You could probably get away with one coat if you're in a rush but I preferred two to make it brighter. It chipped after a couple of days but this is probably down to the thin coat that I was wearing - with a top coat it would last a bit longer. Overall I was really pleased with this polish and it's definitely something I will consider repurchasing in other colours.

The Dip In Eyeshadows aren't something i've really seen before so I was optimistic about how good they'd be. I was sent Vibrant Turquoise which is a bright blue/green colour which is quite shimmery. The pigmentation was brilliant and I think it's a colour that really suits me. I wasn't sure exactly how these were supposed to be used so I tried it as an eyeliner and then as a full eyeshadow. I liked it better as a full eyeshadow as the applicator causes lots of fall out when you try and create a fine line. I'm going to try and use this colour with others to see how well it blends so I might post some EOTDs using it.
I think it would be good for anyone who wants a quick way to apply eyeshadow or if you need to re-apply on a night out. To use it you have to shake it so that the colour goes all over the applicator - I like this but its difficult to tell how much product you have left so I think its a bit overpriced for £5.99 as you don't look to get a lot of eyeshadow.

I liked the Trio Eyeshadow I was sent; I think the colours were nice as they go really well together. I was sent shade 3 - Tigress which is a dark yellow, a copper and a black. These aren't the kind of colours I would normally wear but they were nice to experiment with and would probably look good for a night time look or with a bright dress for the summer.
The pigmentation was quite good for the yellow and copper but for the black it could have been a lot better (you can kind of see this on the swatch). They did blend ok and weren't too chalky so I would be interested in trying some of the more wearable shades in this collection. I thought the packaging was nice as it was simple and sleek but I think it could look cheap in comparison to other brands. Overall I think £6.49 is quite pricey for what you're getting but the selection of colours is really good.

I was sent the Sweet Red Lipgloss which is simply a red squeezy lipgloss. I've tried quite a few lipglosses that are similar to this and I find that they can be really sticky. This one wasn't too bad and gave a nice pigmentation to the lips.
The most important thing for me is the flavour as I hate putting things on my lips that taste awful - this had a really nice sweet taste so I was quite pleased. It did last for quite a while but would definitely need re-applying after eating! I probably wouldn't spend £4.99 on a lipgloss like this but if you're looking for a lipgloss with a nice pigmentation then this might be for you.

For better pictures of the other colours in the range click here.


  1. The eyeshadow trio looks really nice :) x

  2. Oh wow the Vibrant Turquoise eyeshadow makes your blue eyes look gorgeous! x

  3. This stuff looks great! I wish we still had Max Factor in America :(

  4. I LOVE the dip in eyeshadow!

  5. Great reviews - this collection looks interesting, I'd usually associate Max Factor with more neutral, "safe" shades so it's good to see them branching out a bit! The eyeshadow trio looks really nice, shame that the black isn't very pigmented though.x

  6. The eye shadow looks really nice and different! i agree some things are overpriced expecially if there mimicking other makes

  7. The nail color looks perfect for summer. I love it!

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  9. Loving the dip eyeshadow! I have a brown one like that from avon ages ago and they're fab for uni or college days when you want no fuss :) The colour looks great on you :)

    PS. Am a new follower and loving your blog :) xx

    Hello-Barbie/Hollie xx