25 June 2010

Boys Boys Boys

I was tagged by the lovely Mari to do this tag - she's a new blogger so please head over to her blog and have a read :)
The aim of this tag is to name (and preferably include pictures) of your top 5 male celebrity crushes. 
Tall, dark and handsome is my kind of guy although there are a couple of exceptions here!

1. Siva Kaneswaran 
Siva is in The Wanted and has a very nice Irish accent as well as being a great singer. He also has an identical twin brother so theres always hope!

2. Nathan Sykes
Keeping to the The Wanted theme, Nathan from the band is equally as gorgeous. Just look at his baby face!

3. Enrique Iglesias
A little bit old for me but i'm not complaining! He can sing Hero to me anyday ;)

4. Luke Pasqualino
There are always good looking guys in Skins and Luke is without doubt one of the best!

5. Mitch Hewer
He's just a beaut and nice hair is always a bonus!

I'd like to tag: 
and anyone else who wants to do it.
I'm sure you'll enjoy looking for pictures for this tag as much as I did!


  1. Luke Pasqualino and Enrique Iglesias are yummy.
    Thanks for the eye candy haha x x

  2. Enrique is mighty fine! Thanks for tagging me hun! :) xxx

  3. I agree with most of those, apart from Nathan! Also, If I did this, I would deff put Enrique and Luke aswell as Jason from corrie and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) lol x

  4. With you all the way on Enrique - love him and even wrote about him in my Spanish writing GCSE lol!!

    I tagged you on my blog, so check it out :)


  5. Ohhh yummm thanks for the tag.
    I'll enjoy this one ;) ahaha


  6. AHHHHi am in love with Freddie off skins!! Hes unbelieveably gorgeous- cannot believe he wont be in it anymore!! :( xx

  7. Thank you!
    I really appreciate you doing this.
    Oh, and Mitch Hewer is HAWT!
    :) xo

  8. My boyfriend was touring with Siva in May and he's great friends with Siva's brother trevor... there are 3 of them, all look exactly the same!!

    Jensen Ackles and Chad Michael Murray for me please! :)


  9. yay for the wanted haha ((:, thanks for tagging me! everyone you chose is gorgeous,X

  10. So excited I got tagged! Drooling over beautiful boys is something I do best lmao These babes are no exception ;) especially number 3! May have to watch him on Chatty Man again...

  11. omg Mitch Hewer anyday for me! :) x