10 June 2010

Im Back!

My exams are finally over and I can get back into blogging again :) I'm so happy as I was getting pretty bored of revising almost every night for nearly a month. I messed up my last exam but i'm blaming Wags Come Dine With Me which I watched instead of revising ;) I hope my scheduled posts weren't too boring either!

Glamour Mag Benefit free gift
I've got quite a few things I want to blog about too so i'll get on with that in the next couple of days. 
I've just finished reading all the posts i've missed out on and the Glamour Mag Benefit freebie came up quite a few times so i'm not going to go on about it too much. I picked it up after my exam and got myself the 'it stick'. I tried it out earlier and so far I really like the formulation as its really creamy and easy to blend. If there are any left, I might go back and get the 'eye bright' to try too as they're a bargain for £2!

Glamour Mag free OPI nail polishesGlamour Mag free book
If you subscribe to Glamour this month you get a free OPI set worth £34.50 so as a nail polish addict I signed up! I've been waiting for them to give a good free gift so it seemed like the perfect opportunity as you also save 50% on the price of the magazine and get it delivered to your door. If anyone knows whether you get the free gifts or just the magazine please leave me a comment. In the next issue of Glamour you can also get a free 'I Heart New York' book by Lindsay Kelk. 

Free Barry M Dazzle Dust voucher
I also picked up More Magazine for my free Barry M Dazzle Dust. The colours i've got my eye on are Mushroom (51), Fawn (49), Beige (38) and Tan (39) which the lovely Sophie posted about being a good dupe for MAC's All That Glitters. If there are any other colours you'd recommend please let me know as i'm going into town on Saturday.

I also want to say thanks to Eve and Katie as I won their giveaways recently - I love all the prizes I won and will probably do a few reviews and NOTDs on some of them :) Sorry for the rambly post, i'm just enjoying blogging again!


  1. Hey, I have a glamour magazine subscription and wrote about the free gift on my last blog post :) you do get the gift as well as the magazine :) x

  2. @Jody thanks! I'm really glad you do :) and i'll have a look at your post,

  3. Revision every night for a month? Bloody hell I am going to FAIL my exams!! Got one left now though..

  4. I have Tan Dazzle Dust and it is lovely! Looking forward to your future posts! Its such a good feeling to finish exams! Now you can relax and enjoy your summer! :)


  5. I got the tan dazzle dust with my voucher today and i love it!
    I had a glamour subscription last year and sometimes I got the gifts, sometimes not. Also when it's more than one thing, like the benefit you can't chose but you can always buy and extra one! I really miss getting it delivered actually, it always cheered me up!

  6. Well done on finishing your exams :-D
    I'm going to sign up to the OPI deal too! x

  7. i know what you meant about exams, my day for the past 3 weeks literally consisted of 'wake up, study, eat, study, sleep' especially as some of my exams weren't very spaced out:( thankyou so much for telling us about all these offers:) xx

  8. I got Eye Bright and It Stick today with Glamour - such a good freebie! I also got the More free Dazzle Dust after seeing your post about it - I chose No 3 (I think it was called Golden Pink) x

  9. So many good mag freebies the last few months! Not sure I like those OPI shades they're offering, but that's still a good deal.

  10. I got the same free gift in Glamour, spent ages standing there deciding which one I wanted!

  11. Ooo I might get the free dazzle dust, haven't really played with them for a while and gave most of mine away .. May rekindle a friendship hehe!



  12. I Got all 3 Benefit Products, Cannot wait to try them out :)

  13. I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for Glamour mag..
    I also need to remember to get the More voucher out of the magazine & actually put it in my purse - I don't want to miss out on the Dazzle Dust because I've left the voucher at home!


  14. PS. Congratulations on finishing your exams :)

  15. My boyfriend put all three by for me where he works (bless him) - by the time we went to buy them (the same day) the rest had all sold out!
    I've trained him well lol

    I think you only get the free gifts when you buy magazines in stores - hence why they can offer them so cheaply in subscription. I could be wrong though :) xx

  16. when does the glamour magazine finish is it too late for me to take advantage of the freebies? x

  17. I have always wanted a magazine subscription, mainly so it gets delivered and I don't have to worry about missing an issue!

    I love Glamour :)