17 July 2010

Updating my jewellery collection

I haven't had a really good shop since April so last weekend I decided I deserved a good shopping spree! I tweeted about how i'd never been shopping on my own before and everyone said that they really enjoyed going by themselves so I jumped on the train and headed to the shops. I didn't really have anything specific that I wanted to buy but I did come back with quite a few pieces of jewellery which I thought i'd share!

Accessorize, Dorothy Perkins & Topshop
Hawaiian Charm Bracelet - £6 - This was half price but I still think it was a bit pricey at £6. I love the little charms though and i'm sure i'll be wearing it a lot this summer!
Clock Charm Necklace - £2.50 - This was a bargain and is super cute and reminds me of Alice In Wonderland! 
Pastel Charm Necklace - £3 - There was quite a lot of jewellery in the sale at Topshop but this necklace was the only thing that really caught my eye. I love the pastel colours and the gold and silver chain.
Pearl Earrings - £1 - These were reduced from £6 to £1 in Dorothy Perkins so I had to have them! I think they look quite expensive and will look really nice with some of the necklaces I have.

I don't know if i've mentioned about my addiction to jewellery - specifically Primark jewellery but I think this post basically explains it. I went a bit crazy in Primark but I love everything I got and it was all super cheap so im happy! 
I'm in love with colour range for jewellery in Primark at the minute - there are lots of nudes and golds around which are perfect for summer. 
Pink and Gold Chain Headband. £1.50 - I've never had a headband like this before and I thought this one looked on trend and more expensive than £1.50. 
Floral Print Bangle £2.50 - I have a similar bangle to this but it's really sharp when you wear it but this one is made of nice thick plastic and is really comfy. I also love the floral print!
Chunky Bead Bracelet £2 - I'm a bit annoyed as this is the same as a New Look bracelet set I have but in a different colour and I know I paid a lot more for them! This one has some gorgeous colours and again looks more expensive than Primark.
Pearl and Bow Hairclips £1.50 - I broke one of my favourite Primark hairclips recently so I picked these up. The pearl one will go great with the pearl earrings I always wear!
I went a bit crazy with rings even though I don't wear them that often!
I've seen most of these on other blogs and just had to have them. The snake, rabbit and mint ones were £2 each and the Daisy one was £2.50. 
I love the Daisy one - it's such a cute ring and is really pretty. I love how it looks with my nail polish!
The Rabbit ring was a bit of an impulse buy, I just love my little bunnies so I bought this to remind me of them ;). 
I love the Snake ring, it's not something i'd normally wear but I think it looks great when you're wearing it. 
I'm loving pastels at the minute so I love the Mint ring; especially as I remember Steph saying there was one really similar in River Island for double the price!


  1. wow i love them all, i think i might have to update my collection with some lovely pieces like these :D xx

  2. Ooh lovely bit of jewllery hauling there!! I have gone a bit crazy for buying jewllery recently too but hey you have to treat yourself once in a while :)

  3. I LOVE the rings, especially the Daisy one, how much does it remind me of Marc Jacobs?
    The Bunny one is really cute, I remember buying a cat one a few years ago, just because it was a cat!
    I have a snake one from a few years ago, I bought it from the Ashlee Simpson range at Claire’s accessories (eeek!) but I think they look really nice :)

    I often go shopping alone, I guess it's just easier and more convenient. x

  4. I love these!
    Every single one of them...

  5. Gorgeous haul! Love the clock pendant xx

  6. oh. the daisy ring is sooo cute!
    i used to love accessories but ive turned into such a grumpy always in a hurry and got no time to accessorize. ive been wanting to shop for some but my heart is not into it yet.

    shopping alone is fun! only.. nobody's there to stop me when im already overspending. *_*

    hope u had fun!

  7. What pretty things! I love the first bracelet and the bunny ring, I am going to have to go shopping now! x

  8. everything is so pretty! i have that snake ring and the clock necklace (:,X

  9. i love everything! you guys have really cute stuff over in the UK! the first bracelet & the rabbit rings are my favs.

  10. Great haul! I love shopping by myself, it gives me the peace and time to select exactly what I want. And I can stay in a store forever if I want to without having someone complain that they want to leave =P

    I love the pastel charm necklace and the flower rings!


  11. Oh my goodness what beautifully pretty jewellery!! <3

  12. lovely pieces, i have the little clock neclace at the top from accessorize, so cute.
    and i love the bunny ring at the bottom! x

  13. Great haul, I'm really getting into jewellery at the moment. I love that daisy ring, why do I never find pretty jewellery in Primark :(


  14. Wow I literally love everything you brought! :) xx

  15. I love the clock necklace, pearl earrings, and mint ring!!

  16. I bought the bunny ring on friday and i love it. You have good taste :) xx

  17. oh i love everything. these are great buys. love primark!

    i follow your blog now! feel free to check out my blog and follow too.


  18. awwww super cute buys!!!! i love them!and ur blog too! im a new follower by the way!

    http://theveiledbump.blogspot.com/ ♥

  19. I prefer shopping on my own, you can take as much time as you like without feeling guilty about people waiting around for you! Love the jewellery, I really want to cute rabbit ring!

  20. oh the clock necklace is so pretty... you probably mentioned it but I didn't see, where did you get it from?

  21. ooo i have that accessorize bracelet (not put it on blog yet) and love that primark flower ring (our one does not have it yet booooo).

    Got lots of little similar cheeky purchases on my blog to - love your haul v cuteeeee


    t x

  22. I fiiinally got around to picking a giveaway winner..huge fail on my part :) but you are lucky number 31! So just let me know what you are wanting! And i'll try get it out asap! Just send me an email - lauren292002@hotmail.com

    Lauren xx

  23. I loveeeeeeee the charm bracelet and the little clock charm necklace :o

    Theyre soo me lol

    Lovely purchases!

    Im now youre newest follower <3

    Id appreciate it if youd take a peek at mine =)



  24. Love all the jewelery.
    I have the snake ring and the mint ring.
    I was going to get the other two but for some reason I didn't.
    Think I'm gonna go back and get them ;]