16 August 2010

30 Days: Day 16

A Song That Makes You Cry...or nearly
I don't think i've ever cried at a song so I picked one with the lyrics that mean the most to me emotionally.
The song i've chosen is:
Athlete - The Getaway
I've only recently discovered this song but i've been a big Athlete fan for a while. This is an amazing song with beautiful lyrics and is one i'm sure i'll still be listening to in a few months time.

[1:21] "Who’s gonna fly your plane, When you need to make your getaway?
But I’m still holding on, Calling you back home, calling you back
You hear my flesh and my bones, They’re calling you back home, they’re calling you back
This house lives in silence for most of the year, you’re a million miles away but you couldn’t be nearer, Please break my heart just so I can feel, At least I would have something that I could believe"
Athlete also have quite a few other songs which I could have chosen; Wires is the first song I heard by them a few years ago and is definitely one that could bring tears to your eyes.


  1. i love your blog :) you've inspired me to do the 30 day tag too. It looks like a lot of fun. xx

  2. ive nominated you for an award check it out xxx

  3. I've also nominated you for an award- the same on Lisa created :) x