23 August 2010

30 Days: Day 23

A YouTube Video
There are so many videos I could have chosen for this but I decided not to pick anything beauty related because I haven't really been watching that many recently. I kind of prefer to read blog posts now because I hate watching a video and switching off after the first minute.
I couldn't just pick one video though so here are a couple that i've taken from my YouTube favourites.
I'm sure a lot of you will have already seen this but it always puts a smile on my face and i'm sure it was a day the bride and groom will never forget!

I wasn't sure about this when I first heard it but I love Snow Patrol and it's really grown on me. I'm not a massive fan of Cheryl but I think she sings really well on this!


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  2. I like the 2nd one, Cheryl actually sings really nice there :)

  3. I love the JK one, I always watch it. A friend of mine posted it on Facebook and it nearly made me cry, it's such a sweet idea. :)

    Sophie x

  4. lol -i've never seen the first one before!
    It's just an amazing idea :)

  5. I hadn't seen the first video either but it really did make me laugh! I love these 30 days posts that you're doing! xxx

  6. I've never seen the video of Cheryl Cole (or should I say Tweedy?! lol) and Snow Patrol before, she sounds really good in it! I wish the dude wouldn't wave his arms around so much when he sings though, looks like he has something wrong with him or that he needs the loo xx

  7. I actually cried when i first saw the wedding one. It made me all sentimental and thin 'I want to get married' lol *sigh* ugh i wish i could kick my boyfriend up the arse!!

    Love this snow patrol version even though i hate snow patroll AND cheryl!!
    Great postx