3 August 2010

30 Days: Day 3

Your Favourite TV Program
I'm not a massive TV fan so I don't watch that many shows. I only really watch it if there is something specific on that I want to watch or if i'm bored.
A show which I know a lot of bloggers love and one which usually makes me laugh is Come Dine With Me. There is always some drama or something funny happening and the narrator Dave Lamb makes it even funnier!

The celebrity specials are always really good, especially the one with Janice Dickinson - what is she on?!

I also love Skins although it really annoys me that it's hardly ever on! They also keep changing the cast and although I love some of the new cast there were old ones like Mitch Hewer who I wish were still on!
Special Mentions To: Ladette To Lady, One Born Every Minute and The Apprentice.


  1. Love Come Dine With Me! It cracks me up every time! Best programme ever!


  2. One Born Every Minute was magical!! I watched the whole thing with my mum and we both loved it!! I want to be a midwife so it was very interesting to see what goes on day to day.

  3. i love come dine with me too! especially the background commentary; its funny!

    and the janice dickinson modeling agency..the show has a lot of drama

  4. Ah i agree the old cast were so much better! I loved Joe Dempsie though Mitch was hot too :D x