5 August 2010

New In: Summer Beauty

I haven't really shown any of the makeup or beauty products i've bought in the past few months so I thought i'd show you what i've been buying recently. All these products are from Boots or ASOS so read on to find out what I picked up. 

Boots - I needed a new pressed powder and a blusher but I couldn't really find any products from other brands that looked good and were affordable so I stuck with Seventeen. I'm sure you've all seen that you got a free travel makeup kit when you spent over £6 a few weeks ago. I'm not a fan of the lipgloss but the waterproof mascara and nail polish are nice and everyone loves a free gift! 

Seventeen makeup

Seventeen Pressed Powder - £3.49 I've nearly run out of this so it was just a re-purchase. I had a look at a couple of other pressed powders but I thought i'd stay safe with this one as I wasn't sure if any of the other colours were right for me. I've heard good things about the Rimmel powders so i'm thinking of getting that if it's on offer next time i'm shopping.

Seventeen Blusher in Bramble Frost - £3.49I'm sure i've seen this on a few blogs and i've been wanting a new blusher as my super cheap Natural Collection one is also running out. I thought this colour looked quite natural so i'm looking forward to trying it out. 

I had a look in Superdrug and considered getting the new Rimmel scented nail polishes as the Apricot and Stawberry ones looked good. I decided against them though as I already have similar colours to them and i'm not sure if the scent will actually work. If you've tried them let me know what you think.

Batiste dry shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush and BoHo - £2.05 eachThis is the normal price on ASOS and is cheaper than both Superdrug and Boots so with free delivery I thought why not? I love Batiste and can't recommend it enough if you don't like to wash your hair everyday. Both of these scents are lovely but if I had to pick one, Blush is my favourite. 

Barry M Nail Paint in Blueberry Ice Cream - £1.75This was a bargain and I don't really know why it was in the sale as it's the most popular Ice Cream shade. I wasn't going to buy it originally but as it was so cheap I thought it would make a nice addition to my ridiculously huge nail polish collection.

Mini Straighteners - £5.25 - I've recently ordered these very cute straighteners from ASOS. I saw Sophie's review of them where she mentioned they were great for her fringe so I thought i'd give them a go. You can't go wrong for £5.25! I'll let you know how I get on with them :) They're available in pink and black here.

Bourgeois bronzer

Bourjois Bronzer & KabukiI won these in Glamour's May Beauty Giveaway and I really like them. I don't normally wear bronzer but it's definitely something i'll be experimenting with now i've got it. The kabuki isn't the softest brush i've tried but it's a nice size and hopefully won't shed.


  1. this is a nice 'haul' :D
    17 is quite a nice brand as they're all affordable and good quality :)

  2. didn't know batiste was cheaper on asos! gonna bulk buy them on there now =) can't live without it haha xx

  3. Great haul Caz :)
    The Barry M nailpaint was a bargain!

  4. Ohh great haul! I need to check out asos :) xx

  5. that batiste is a bargain! i'm actually still loving the straighteners you know, they're not novelty at all and I found they heated up quicker than the 4 minutes it says. . interested to know what you think! xx

  6. I really like 17's pressed powder. The scented dry shampoos look really good - I need to get a new one so may try ASOS next time there's free delivery! x

  7. I wished we had Batiste Dry Shampoo in Quebec )=

  8. What a nice little haul. I love the 17 nail polish colour. Gorgeous. x

  9. Nice haul! I wish I can try a good and cheap dry shampoo!!