17 August 2010

Lush Lemony Flutter Review

I haven't done a Lush review in forever so I though it would be nice to post one. I won Lemony Flutter in Aqsa's giveaway and as it's always something i've wanted to try I was really pleased I won it! 

Lush Lemony Flutter
I'm sure most of you know that Lemony Flutter is a cuticle butter which can be used to soften dry skin and help to keep your nails in good condition. Unlike a lot of the other cuticle creams i've tried you only need the smallest bit of this as it's packed with oil so although it isn't the cheapest product in the world it will last you a really long time. 

What I love the most is it's gorgeous smell! I love anything that smells of Lemon and this reminds me of Lemon buttercream, its so tempting to eat it! I like to use this before I paint my nails as it makes my cuticles really soft and easy to shape. It helps me to keep them in good condition and i've started using it on the dryer area of my toes.

If I ever use this up i'll definitely be re-purchasing it especially thanks to it's lovely scent! You can buy Lemony Flutter from Lush here for £6.95.


  1. This is the best thing ever, ever, ever. If you rub it into your nails over a period of time it seriously helps with whitening and making them grow longer. It's also fantastic on elbows...*was once a LUSH girl* ;).


  2. I got a sample of this in the Head, Knees and Toes kit and still haven't used it all! I just love it cos it smells like lemon sherbet :P xx

  3. I have trouble with dry cuticles. I currently use oil but have a feeling this will work better. No idea this product existed so thanks for the review :)

  4. One of my all time favorites!

  5. Sounds great - I've been wanting this for a while as my cuticles get so dry. Definitely on my Lush list :) x