4 September 2010

30 Days: Day 26 and 27

This Week and Month, In Great Detail
I've tried to do this properly so for each day of August i've written a little bit about what i've done. I did forget to update on some days but they were probably boring anyway! It's not really in great detail but I don't have time to write an essay for each day, thanks for reading it if you manage to read through it all ;)
1st - Got up late, had a pancake for breakfast, cleaned Honey out and tried and failed at writing my personal statement.
2nd - Didn't do much, had a driving lesson, will fingers crossed be doing my test in October
3rd - Made Rolo Brownies (cheated using one of the 'just add water' cake kits), watched Avatar with Emily while eating hot brownies and ice cream. Went to ASDA later.
4th - Reached 800 followers today which is incredible. I love every single one of you so much! Today I went to see Shrek with Emily but the cinema cancelled it :/ so we came back to my house and watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (great film!) with microwave popcorn and plenty of chocolate ;)
5th - Didn't do anything at all ... oops complete waste of a day
6th - Cleaned out the Guinea Pigs and Rabbits and made a start on my personal statement
7th - Went to a show and was tempted to get a baby bunny, decided I have enough trouble with the pets I already have but in the future I want to adopt a donkey and call it Oscar haha. Later on I went and got some passport photos taken.
8th -Walked a lovely Greyhound called Monty (below) and cleaned Honey out. I wish I could motivate myself to get up early on more weekends as volunteer work is really rewarding.
9th - Can't remember what I did today
10th - Had a driving lesson really early and finally booked my test for October :D
11th - Can't remember what I did today
12th - Attempted some more of my personal statement again but didn't get anywhere! Also tried to do some economics worksheets (i'm not 5 years old so filling in the gaps with missing words is not my idea of fun!) they're so frustrating and I never know the answers. Will have to copy someone else's when I go back or hope my teacher has forgotten she gave us them (which she probably will!)
13th - Went to a food festival and went driving with my parents.
14th - Went to my friends housewarming party and had a good catch up with some old friends :) Realised that actually I do like BBQ food.
15th - Did nothing much except go driving.
16th - Went to the park with a big group of friends for one of their birthdays and had a really nice afternoon with ice cream because it was sunny :) (I wish the ice cream above was mine, sadly I found it on Tumblr - I actually had a coffee one)
17th - Had a driving lesson and that's about it!
18th - Went to the cinema for a catch up with some friends. We saw Knight and Day which was a bit crap as i'm not into action films and it was so unrealistic!
19th - Got my results, so happy with them as I was expecting them to be terrible as my revision wasn't good. I got AABC which is amazing! A lot of my friends didn't do as well and some were really upset so I felt a bit guilty for being so happy. My friends had a camp out to celebrate which was lots of fun.
20th - Today I realised that getting the smell of camp fire smoke out of your hair isn't easy!
21st - One month till i'm 18! Stayed at home instead of going on holiday with my parents. Watched the X Factor and had pizza for tea.
22nd - Loving having the house to myself, its so peaceful and I can do whatever I want! I didn't do much today, just tidied up the house and cleared out some of the drawers in my room. I did watch the V Fest highlights and it made me wish I was there so badly! Maybe next year ;)
23rd - Went out and bought some baking powder so I could make Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes. They turned out really nice and tasted so good! I want to make them again but I won't stop eating them so it's not a good idea ;) You can see my post about them here.
24th - Today is my mum's birthday but she's on holiday so I didn't get to spend time with her. I watched lots of good TV today, i'm addicted to the Great British Bake Off haha.
25th - Find out about today here.
26th - My parents came home today so I got up early and did lots more cleaning as the house was still really messy - i'm not great at doing the washing up or hoovering! Now they're back i'm missing the house being quiet and being able to play music as loud as I want!
27th - I went out with a couple of friends from 6th Form. We didn't really plan on doing much but we ended up walking along a river in these woods in the middle of nowhere which ended up being lots of fun! We eventually found our way out! Later on I went and had my hair cut, it was just a trim but I had it done at a different hair salon. The hairdresser was nice but I don't think she did it as nicely as my other one so hopefully i'll be able to get an appointment with my other hairdresser next time.
If you've got this far, thanks for reading and sorry it was late!


  1. Cool, holidays are great! The cakes look yummy! Congrats on 800!! Emma x

  2. Glad you did well with your results!
    & I'll have to try some of those hummingbird backery cupcakes - they look yummy :)

  3. Congrats on the AABC you shouldn't feel guilty you did great :)

    I'm really loving these 30 day posts :)

    Lots of love,

  4. Congrats.

    I am going to have to try those Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes!x