8 September 2010

30 Days: Day 28

This Year, In Great Detail
I couldn't remember all 365 days since last summer so this obviously won't be in great detail!
I'll try and do it for 2010 instead! I've also linked my favourite photos from each month so you can have a look at some of my older posts :)
Didn't do much this month, all that's written on my calendar is my brother's birthday and Skins which must have started this month.

I donated my first pint of blood this month which is a massive achievement. You can read about my experience here. I also went to the 6th Form Valentine's Party which was lots of fun as usual. I had my hair cut on the 13th at 9:30 (just in case you want the tiny details!) It was my Dad's birthday, my blog's 1st birthday and Parsley's 2nd Birthday this month too :)

I passed my theory test on the 3rd, went to a couple of parties and then celebrated Sage's 2nd Birthday on the 12th.

Went to another 6th Form Party and went out with my friends as it was the holidays.

Had lots of exams so it was quite a busy month and I spent most of it revising :/ (Luckily it paid off!)

Finished the rest of my exams and went to watch Hairspray The Musical with my family which was brilliant. I also donated my second pint of blood :)

Didn't do a lot this month, just finished my first year of 6th Form and went to some parties to celebrate.
Went to a housewarming party, went to the park for my friend's birthday, went to the cinema, had my haircut and looked after 5 cats.
You can read all the little details about my month here.

Sorry for the lack of beauty related posts recently, there will be more to come soon :)

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  1. Well done on the donating blood. It's something i really want to do x