14 September 2010

Liz Earle Energising Range

I was recently sent the Liz Earle Energising Range to review. I've tried lots of different Liz Earle products in the past so I was really looking forward to giving this range a try. 
Energising Body Wash
I always use body wash and i've tried so many different types and brands so it's nice to have been given the opportunity to try a high end one. This body wash has a really natural scent that is quite strong and lathers up really well. It was really moisturising and left my skin feeling soft and smelling fresh. I think this body wash would be really good to use in the morning as the scent would really help to wake you up! It is a lot more expensive than any of the other body washes i've tried and although I was really impressed with it I think the price does let it down.
This body wash retails at £10.75 from the Liz Earle Website
Energising Body Scrub
I don't generally use body scrubs a lot but i've tried quite a few different types. My personal favourite for the lovely smell is Lush's Sugar Babe but it can be tricky to use as it's so hard. I've also tried a Boots one which was really sticky and left a horrible greasy residue on my skin and all over the shower! This one has a honey-like texture and appearance and smells lovely! It has little beads in it that are similar to the ones in St Ives Apricot Scrub and they aren't too harsh on your skin. I really enjoying using this as it made my skin really soft and the smell lingered around for a long time. I also like that it comes in a tube so it's really easy to control how much you use and isn't messy. Out of the three products in this range this is the one i'd definitely recommend.
This body scrub retails at £12.50 from the Liz Earle Website

Energising Body Hip & Thigh Gel
I've never tried a product like this so I can't really compare it to anything else. I think it is probably aimed at people who are older than me but that didn't hold me back when giving it a go. It is a really good consistency which means that it soaks into the skin quite quickly and helps to moisturise it and leave it looking healthy. It has a really lovely scent which lingers for a long time and I find myself re-applying it a few nights a week just because I like the smell of it!
This product retails at £21 from the Liz Earle Website


  1. The products sound really nice. The bodywash looks great although I never spend that much on shower products as there are so many great products around that are much more affordable. x

  2. Oooh Liz Earle goodies! I have never tried any of their products (much to £££) for me lol..

  3. Ooh great review !! I've never tried Liz Earle, I really have to try their famous cleanser !!
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    - beth x

  4. Ohh looks lush xxx


  5. sounds like a great range.. id love t give the hip and thigh gel a go!