31 October 2010

If I Could Write You A Song And Make You Fall In Love

 .1. I went to see Paranormal Activity 2 yesterday and if i'm honest it's definitely not my kind of film. I found some bits of it funny even though they were meant to be scary and the ending wasn't very good. I know everyone is different when it comes to films as some people loved it but I don't think scary films are for me. The best thing about going was the free garlic pizza bread I got from Frankie & Benny's - so tasty!

.2. I've become obsessed with Come Dine With Me this week and i've watched every episode. I don't know how it can be so addictive to watch; I suppose it's because I love cooking programmes and the added bit of drama that Come Dine With Me has makes it even better!

.3. I bought this month's Cosmopolitan magazine because I needed some change for the cinema and I wanted the free nail polish but i've actually really enjoyed reading it even if it's similar to Glamour. I'm hoping I won't become obsessed with buying magazines like I was when I was younger (I used to buy Shout, Bliss and Sugar everytime they came out!), I won't have much money left soon as they aren't cheap!

.4. ♥ A few to follow: Nicola, Imogen, Nichola, Holly and Rachel

.5. ♫ I'm currently listening to Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me, The Wanted - For The First Time (their amazing cover in the Radio 1 Live Lounge!) and JLS - Love You More. I also bought The Wanted's album this week and I love it! There are quite a few really good songs on it - Golden sounds a lot like Take That :)

I'm going to crack open the chocolate buttons and watch X Factor now, I still can't believe a trick or treater has already been sick down our steps! I hope everyone else is getting nicer kids than me ;)

Happy Halloween to all my lovely followers! :)


  1. The same happened to me with Paranormal Activity 2! It was not good at all, nothing compared to the 1st one. With the first one I had sleepless nights, but not with this one.
    Happy Halloween to you too! Eat lots of candy :)

  2. happy halloween!thanks for linking nichola, i'm now following:) and holly's such an amazing person!<3

  3. happy halloween to you too!! :)

  4. I love your little few to follow its a good way to share your favourite bloggers.

  5. Happy Halloween!! Thank you for the mention sweets! I really really want to apply to be on come dine with me ha! xx

  6. How good do those cupcakes look? They're so cute :)

    Magazines take all my money. I buy them for the freebies and end up not reading them or using the freebies!


  7. I went to see PA1 and tbh it wasn't that scary, the ending made me jump but that was about it. I wanted to go see PA2 until i read this, haha :P Btw i love all of the songs you mentioned this week :D x

  8. I love watching Come Dine with Me the commentator man always makes me laugh with his scarastic talk lool x

  9. yay thanks for mentioning me:D, lol some of the trick or treaters we got were about 16!xxx

  10. I watched the first Paranormal Activity movie last night, was quite scared but not petrified as my sister kept saying "oh this is a scary bit coming up..." so the suspense wasn't really there.

    BTW those cupcakes look delicious..haha. Yummers.

    Nice blog :)

  11. I used to buy Bliss, Shout & Sugar! Sadly my magazine addiction has remained. I get LOOK every week & Cosmo, Glamour, Company & Elle every month. So expensive! ;(