26 October 2010

Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask

Like a lot of other bloggers i'm a big fan of the Liz Earle range. I've been lucky enough to try quite a few of their skincare products and I though i'd share another one of my favourites with you. I was sent the Deep Cleansing Mask™ Starter Kit* to try out a few weeks ago and i've used it in lots of ways to see how it works best for my skin. 

I used it as advised on the tube by applying a generous layer over freshly washed skin for 5-10 minutes and then wiping it off with a warm damp sponge. The mask is a good consistency; it's thin enough to smooth over your skin without dripping everywhere and once applied it sets in a few minutes. It looked a bit like I had mud all over my face which made me smile! After removing it I noticed a big difference in my skin straight away. It was more matte and there were no oily areas. I did find that the dryer areas of my skin became slightly dryer through using this product but it did make my skin feel a lot cleaner and look much more radiant.

I now use this product once or twice a week on the oilier areas of my skin such as my nose and chin and avoid dryer areas. I think this product is suitable for anyone with oily/combination skin but it's definitely a must have for anyone who has oily skin. It isn't suitable for anyone with sensitive skin which is understandable as it is quite strong which is why you have to avoid your eyes and lips when applying it.

I sometimes use this mask when i'm having a soak in the bath and the steam helps to release the impurities in my skin and make the mask even more effective. If you have oily skin i'd really recommend trying this mask and I can assure that you won't be disappointed. The starter pack contains a 75ml tube and two sponges and retails at £12.50 from the Liz Earle Website.


  1. The more i hear about liz earle the more i want it! thanks for reviewing :) x

  2. This sounds fab, I love facemasks - so relaxing to use. I've not tried any Liz Earle skincare yet but I'm tempted to ask for some for Christmas. x

  3. This sounds great, i've noticed recently that my chin and nose are also quite oily. I wish they'd make one for sensitive skin though x