12 October 2010

Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream review

This is a review of the products in the Nivea Happy Time range. I reviewed the Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion about a year ago and i've decided to improve my review and also review the Happy Time Shower Cream which I bought recently. The Happy Time range has a scent of orange flower so it's really fruity which is something I love. If you're not a fan of the smell of oranges or don't like fruity products then this range probably isn't for you.

Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream

I got the shower cream in Boots a couple of weeks ago for about 90p on offer and I love it! I've already tried the Happy Time Body Lotion which smells amazing and this is just as good! Aside from the fact it was a bargain it is really moisturising and the scent lingers for a long time. It's definitely something i'll repurchase as it's affordable and is a really lovely product to use. I've tried so many other shower gels and it's definitely up there with some of my favourites such as Original Source. The shower cream retails at £1.89 and you can buy it from Boots.

The Happy Time Body Lotion smells exactly the same as the shower cream and is even more moisturising. It soaks in really quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft but not greasy. The scent lingers for quite a few hours and if I apply it at night I can usually still smell it in the morning. The packaging does claim that it lasts 24 hours; I wouldn't say it lasts that long but compared to other body lotions i've tried it lasts quite a long time.

The body lotion retails at £3.49 and you can buy it from Boots. I thought i'd also mention that you can buy these products together in a Christmas gift set for £8 which also contains a shower cap. Obviously this is more expensive than buying them separately but it is on 3 for 2 which would make it a bit cheaper and it will probably be packaged nicely. 


  1. This sounds lovely. I won the Happy Time Body Lotion in Glamour's May Giveaway and I love the orange fragrance (despite the fact that I can't stand actual oranges!) x

  2. This product line sounds great, especially for the morning, the scent will be so energizing.:D

    Thanks for the review and posting about this, I'll check if I can find some of the gift sets here in the U.S.

    ***** Marie *****

  3. I love the body lotion, although it doesnt make you 'happyy' mentally the scent is so uplifting and totally unique!

  4. I like the sound of the moisturiser very much! xx

  5. This is my favorite smell of shower cream ever! haha great review.

  6. i LOVE fruity smells ... i think they wake you up in the mornings ... mental note pick up shower cream :) fab review!

  7. I have this, and love it too! smells yummy.