24 October 2010

Usually I'm Always Late, Tonight I'm Gonna Be On Time

.1. I haven't blogged much this week; I wanted to blog on Thursday/Friday but i've been really busy and tired so I just haven't had the chance. I'll have lots of time this week to take photos and plan posts so there will hopefully be lots to read soon (including the obligatory Barry M Instant Nail Effects post) ;)

.2. I'm so happy i've got this week off as i'll finally get the chance to relax. I have lots of work I need to do but i'm hoping to get it finished at the start of the week so I can have some time to myself :) I hate wasting days away and looking back and realising I did nothing so i'm going to try and plan something for every day, i'll let you know how it goes in next weeks post.

.3. ♥ A few to follow: Eve, Monika, Sarah, Clare and Sam

.4. ♫ I'm currently listening to The Wanted - Replace Your Heart, Pixie Lott & Jason Derulo - Coming Home and Rihanna - Only Girl In The World.

.5. After 3 weeks i've decided my favourites for this year's X Factor are One Direction, Matt and Aiden. I'd like to see Wagner leave tonight as I just can't work out how he got through to the final 12 - he's not what i'd call talented!
.6. I went out on Thursday night dressed as a pirate for a Halloween party and had an amazing night! I didn't manage to get many photos so I thought i'd put the one above on here for now and then share any others I find on Facebook with you later. I used ELF's Liquid Eyeliner and was so surprised by how well it lasted on the night - definitely a bargain for £1.50!


  1. Thank you so much for directing me to Pixie Lott & Jason Derulo's song. I love it :-)
    Also gotta say that I love Eve's blog banner (Smoke & Glitter).
    Can't wait to see your Barry M Instant Nail Effects post. Going to be posting mine this week too :-D

  2. i love matt, aiden and rebecca (:!xxx

  3. Ah i love that Jason/Pixie song, heard it last week :D Ooh i'm going as a pirate too this year, haha! Btw my faves are; Rebecca, Katie (after last night's performance), Cher and One Direction x

  4. thanks for the mention lovely :) and i love that rihanna song :) it is soo catchy xx

  5. dont you just hate having some time off only to feel like you've wasted it by doing bugger all? hope you manage to make the most of it!

    Looking forward to the Barry M Instant Nail Effects post! :)


  6. gosh I'm so slow, thank you for the mention lovely! <333
    Love Matt, Aiden too but he's kinda strange in his performance...not like that's a bad thing though! Do you like Rebbeca?

  7. @Monika - I really like Rebecca too, her voice is really unique and i'm looking forward to hearing her sing a few different types of songs. I agree with you about Aiden too :)