10 October 2010

You Can Never Say Never

.1. I've been a bit busy for the past couple of weeks with my birthday, driving test (which I failed haha) etc and I haven't had the time or motivation to blog. I haven't got many plans for the rest of the month so hopefully i'll be able to blog a bit more :) You might have noticed that i've changed my header again, I like it although it took me ages as i'm new to photoshop so let me know what you think!

.2. I gave blood on Friday for the third time. It's one of the most satisfying things i've ever done and knowing I could have saved a life for doing something so simple and effortless is great. If you want to find out more about my experiences I wrote a post about it here.

.3. I love that the Lush Christmas Range is out; i've already got a very long wishlist with Sugar Plum Fairy, a Gingerbread House and Maple Taffy being at the top! I'll probably only end up buying a few things as I have so much Lush stuff I haven't used including some from last Christmas! I can see myself being swayed by the sale like last year though!

.4. I had a better experience with H&M Online yesterday as my order arrived after four days which is a lot better than the eight it took last time. I think it does depend on how busy they are and what you're ordering as if it's something popular then they don't always have it in stock. Hopefully the time it takes for them to deliver will continue to get better or they might consider offering cheaper options. In case you were wondering I ordered a dress and a bracelet (in black and white) which were both in the sale.

.5. ♫ I'm currently listening to Maroon 5 - StutterAlex Gaudino - I'm In Love and The Fray - Never Say Never

.6. Blogs i'm loving this week: Viva Tramp, Kelly, Laura, Rebecca, Lily, Stylefrost & Kate     


  1. I love the new header!
    & I know what you mean about giving blood, it's so amazing to think you could have saved a life :)

  2. Well Firstly LOVE your header so pretty and fresh :) As for your driving test I so know how that feels it took me a good year of lessons ( frightened like hell) and 3 driving tests later I passed, you could say 3rd time lucky lol :)
    I popped into Lush Thurs evening and did a big haul check out my post if your interested, this morning I used Sugar plum Fairy and also Snow fairy together and it was lush! These work so well together and the snow Fairy just softens the exfoliation.
    Love your buys from H & M as for giving blood well done you, I would pass out I know I would! Mind you with my blood group I prob should do it. :) Sorry for long post I got carried away ha ha!! x

  3. I'm a blood donor and a registared organ donor, its such a good feeling knowing your helping eh? :)

    Also I failed my dy driving test twice, I was nervous and had such a rude examiner who sat and filed her nails the whole time(yes honestly), I complained about her and got my money back haha! I mean I know my driving was rubbish out of nerves but how rude to not even pay attention!


  4. I love your header - it's so pretty, photoshop completely baffles me! I can't wait to go to Lush and have a good nosey at all their christmas things - exciting!! xx

  5. don't worry, i passed my driving test third time. (: it sucks cause it's VERY dependent on what traffic/other people are like on the day. i got majors because people pulled out on me/cut me up on roundabouts and i had to emergency stop so i didn't hit them! it's crazy.
    also, i've had never say never in my head since reading this this morning! haha xxx

  6. The header is gorgeous :) LOVE IT LOTS!
    I passed on my FOURTH attempy, so you've got a while until I start thinking you're a bad driver, lol!
    I hate getting into a blogging rut, hopefully you'll get back into the swing of things soon though

  7. I failed my test too 1st time - it makes you a better driver apparently lol..! I would love to give blood, but even the thought of it makes me feel queasy! :(

  8. I'm so tempted to do one of these posts! Sorry to hear about your driving test, i have a feeling i'll fail mine when the time comes too x

  9. Thanks for the mention sweet (:

  10. Loving the header girly, tres chic! And well done you for giving blood, you're officially amazing.


  11. your new dress is so cute! love the shoulder detail :)
    & i need to buy photoshop again, your header is lovely- really simple & pretty. loving it!

    you're so brave giving blood, i can't stand needles and i hate feeling woozy- does it make you really dizzy?

  12. @R May A - Thanks, glad you like it & I know, its a really good feeling :)
    @Sherrie - awww thanks for your comment :) Hopefully i'll pass next time :) I have quite a rare blood group so it's always good to know i'm helping.
    @Jewlie McK - I can't believe your examiner was like that! At least you got your money back! Mine was quite rude and wasn't clear about where I was supposed to go :/
    @Nicola - Neither can I, i'm sure i'll end up spending far too much but it all smells so nice!
    @Claire Marie - it really does, I did mine in the morning rush hour so it wasn't easy and I was sat at a huge roundabout for ages!
    @Steph0188 - Thanks, glad you like it :) Hopefully i'll pass before my 4th time although that isn't bad as someone I know took their test 10 times!
    @Nic's Notebook - I heard people who pass 2nd time are better drivers too :)
    @Christina Marie - haha i'm sure you'll be fine, it's not the end of the world if you fail anyway :)
    @bee. it's ok, love your blog :)
    @Dreams That Glitter - Thanks!
    @Hurricanes12 - Thanks I was really happy it was in the sale as I wanted it before :) It didn't make me dizzy but everyone is different; it did make me quite tired for a couple of days after though.

  13. I keep thinking about going to give blood, and then for some reason never get round to it! I deffo need to go dont I? How do you feel afterwards? I mean do you feel dizzy or anything?

  14. @Small Old Bean - Everyone is different but I normally just feel a bit tired afterwards. The important thing is to drinks lots before and after and that usually stops you feeling faint. It's also good to make sure you eat before you donate so I usually make an appointment for just after i've had my tea. You could always find out when your nearest session is and go in and see if it's for you :) The staff are usually really friendly and helpful so i'm sure they'd be able to answer any questions you have xx

  15. Thanks for the mention :)
    Love your new header - so cute!
    Giving blood is something I've always wanted to do but have never got round to it...must be such a good feeling to donate. Its definitely something I will do in the future. x

  16. Bad luck with the driving test, all the best people fail 1st time(I sure did!. Love the new header!

  17. Thank you so much for the mention! I hope you pass your test next time (: It certainly isn't easy.