16 November 2010

Eco-Friendly Beauty from ECOVER

Have you ever thought about what happens when the bubbles from using your favourite shower gel are rinsed away? Well neither had I until I was sent some products by a brand called ECover which you may have seen in the cleaning section of the supermarket.

ECover have now launched a shower gel and hand soap with the same ethics as their cleaning range. Both the shower gel and the soap are guilt free when you're watching the bubbles rinse away; they have minimal impact on aquatic life and they're great for your skin as they contain very few chemicals.

Eco friendly soap

The hand soap has a citrus and orange blossom scent which I really like. It isn't too strong and leaves your hands smelling fresh and feeling clean. I sometimes find that soaps can dry my hands out in winter but this soap actually left my hands feeling really soft and is PH neutral so it is also suitable for sensitive skin. The hand soap costs £2.99 which I think is a really affordable price as i've seen a lot of eco friendly brands that are quite expensive. It also comes in lavender and you can purchase 1 litre refills which saves on packaging. 

Eco friendly shower gel

I've tried so many different types of shower gel and never seem to stick with one brand so I was looking forward to seeing if there was much difference between an ecological one and others i'd used in the past. I really like the scent of the shower gel and it does stay on your skin longer than some other brands i've tried. The packaging is good too; it has a handle so you can hang it in your shower and it has a rubber seal so it won't leak either. The shower gel costs £3.69 which I think is quite affordable but is quite expensive compared with similar brands. 

Both of these products came wrapped in newspaper which I thought was really unique and shows that the company are focussed on their eco-friendly values in more ways than you'd expect.


  1. These sound interesting, and I firmly believe in eco-friendly products. The newspaper is a nice touch too. I would definitely be tempted to buy the shower gel x

  2. Great review! xxx

  3. To be honest until I read this I hadnt thought about what impact shower gel etc going down the drain would have on the environment! :( My mum has used their fabric softner before, I never knew they had a shower gel and handwash though! might need to keep my eye out for it next time I'm doing my monthly shop. doesnt seem much more expensive than what i use at the moment to be honest! xx