28 November 2010

I Would Dig A Thousand Holes To Lay Next To You

.1. I'm just going to be predictable and mention the snow ;) haha it's not really bothered me, I woke up to it yesterday and froze my feet off walking to the train station for a bit of retail therapy - it was worth it! (I'll do a post on the bits I bought soon). The shopping mall was really busy and it's not even December - there were queues to get in some shops which was crazy! It did make me feel a bit festive though, especially thanks to my first Starbucks Gingerbread Latte :)

.2. I've finally finished my personal statement which i'm sure some of you will be happy about as i've stopped moaning about it on Twitter ;) It's taken me forever to finish it but now i've got to spend the rest of tonight deciding which unis to choose and I really can't make my mind up!

.3. I've come to the conclusion that my X Factor finalists are Matt, Rebecca and One Direction. For me no one else is as good and I can see them all getting recording contracts in the future. Fingers crossed they'll still be in the competition till the end :) I'm still gutted Aiden has gone; he sounds so good in the Heroes Charity Single.

.4. ♥ A few to follow: Katie, Sarah, Leanne Marie and Halima

.5. ♫ I'm currently listening to: Machines - Biffy ClyroShine A Light - McFly and What's My Name - Rihanna

I'd love to hear your suggestions for some future blog posts as i'm in need of a bit of inspiration... tell me here or in the comments below x


  1. I've never tried starbuck's gingerbread latte but i keep on hearing about it - definately going to try it :)
    Lovely post!

  2. Yeah I don't really like anyone on x factor this year apart from aiden.. so now hes gone I hope wagner wins just to annoy evil cheryl!

  3. firstly, thanks for the mention! :) i was casually clicking on the blogs you mentioned and i was like 'its me!' sad!

    personal statements are a bitch, i cannot believe i wrote mine 2/3 years ago :s and i chose 5 unis knowing i would only really go to one in particular! are you looking to move away from home?


  4. Got to love a bit of Biffy !!

  5. oooh where are you thinking of applying? mm that starbucks sounds amazing :) xxx

  6. i love this post,
    im doing my personal statement too, bleh!
    I LOVE THE SONG, WHATS MY NAME, by rihanna
    sorry my capital lock went on somehow?


  7. Wow that sounds like a lovely Latte. I love treating myself to hot drinks in the winter, warms me right up. It hasn't snowed here in London yet :( Loving the Rihanna song, i just got the album and it's brill x

  8. Mmmm I 'd love a starbucks right now. Make sure you try the peppermint mocha if you like mint and choco!

  9. love this photo
    and mega love for gingerbread lattes !

  10. I love Rebecca, really really would like her to win, but if not Matt hopefully :)x

  11. Blahhh we didn't get any snow in Southampton ): I know what you mean about it being horrendously busy everywhere, I thought I was going to get trampled on on Saturday! Awh good luck with your UCAS application, the personal statement is definitely the hardest bit so you'll have your application sent in no time! xx

  12. Thank you for the mention hun, I've gained a couple new followers. :-)

    I hate town around christmas, its all so hectic.. that's why Ive done most of my christmas shopping online this year! Much easier and quicker!


  13. i agree with you about the finalists, i hope matt wins!xxx

  14. I had my 1st gingerbread latte last week - yummy!! Love all the cream on top lol!

  15. @R May A – they taste gorgeous, I love anything that tastes like gingerbread though!
    @Emma Jade – haha i’m glad Wagner has gone now as it will make it more of a singing competition :) I wish they’d put Aiden back in now Katie’s out though!
    @City Girls Fashion Box – it’s ok, I love your blog :) I’m hoping to move away from home so travelling isn’t a problem although the uni I like the most is 4hours away so it’s going to be a nightmare travelling home if I go there!
    @Chloe – I’ve always loved McFly haha, Shine A Light is really catchy :)
    @Jenny – Machines is such a good song although I love everything on their newest album
    @Emma – I’m applying at Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Sheffield Hallam, Lincoln and then I have one more choice to make :) You should definitely try a gingerbread latte!
    @char – haha What’s My Name is really additive, good luck with your personal statement, I hate having to write about myself haha ;)
    @Christina Marie – I’ll have to have a listen to Rihanna’s album, I love her music :) Hot drinks in winter are perfect, I wish my nearest Starbucks wasn’t 45minutes away though!
    @Monika – I’ll definitely have a try of it next time i’m near a Starbucks :) I really want to try all the other Christmas drinks too!
    @Sara Louise – they taste amazing, I think the picture sums up my week – Starbucks and Snoods haha ;)
    @Alice – Yeah, I love them both, I can’t decide who is most likely to win though!
    @Michelle – I wouldn’t worry about the snow – it’s a nightmare, I’m always worried about slipping down ;) I’m hoping to send my application in the next couple of days, I just hope I’ve made the right choices!
    @Leanne Marie – it’s ok, you deserve lots more followers :) I haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping – I need to get organised, I know I’ll regret not doing it earlier!
    @Holly – I don’t mind who wins now I know it’s not Wagner or Katie haha ;) Matt, Rebecca and One Direction have a good chance though :)
    @Nic’s Notebook – I had mine to take out so I think the cream had melted which was a shame! I’ll definitely have to have one in Starbucks next time so I can enjoy it a bit more ;)

  16. Wow 45 mins! That's ages. There seem to be loads in London (one in every area). They recently opened up one 5 mins or so from me so that was v.good :D x

  17. Personal statements are horrible to write!

  18. Aww thank you so much for the mention :) What were u writing your personal statment for? I've just had to write one too :(!

    I want Matt to win Xfactor! :) and I love Rihanna - Whats my name - such a good tune

    Thanks again! I've just found your blog so i'm gonna have a look around :) xxx

  19. Aww I'm glad someone shares my Aiden pain! He's playing at a club near my house v. soon but my friends are apparently too "cool" to go. Haha - I don't wanna look like a crazy loner groupie now do I? :P x