21 November 2010

If This Is What We've Got, Then What We've Got Is Gold

.1.  I was supposed to have my driving test on Monday but it was cancelled because it was too frosty! I was so annoyed as i'd got so ready to do it and then they didn't bother to tell me it was cancelled until I got to the test centre! There was no frost and the roads were fine so now i've got to wait two weeks until my next one!

.2. It was Children In Need on Friday but I didn't really do much as everyone was supposed to go to 6th Form in their pyjamas but as I only had 2 lessons I didn't bother. I knew i'd be freeeeezing! I did donate and then I treated myself to a Greggs Pudsey Cupcake on my way home which was lovely ;) My highlights of the show were definitely Take That's performance and Come Dine With The Dragons.

.3. This week i've got to decide where I want to apply for uni and finish off my personal statement. I honestly have no idea where to apply but I know lots of you are at uni so i'd love it if you could recommend me some unis that do Marketing courses :)

.4. ♥ A few to follow: Jess, Roshni, Emma and Kaushal


  1. I love Just Drive by Alistair Griffin! Such a good song....I've had it on repeat all week! :)

  2. I love James Blunts song too.
    I feel for you picking University's it's so hard, especially with a course such as Marketing as their are so many choices. I would always say pick a Uni which is fits your learning style and is your environments. I study Event Management and was torn between Bournemouth and Leeds because they were both the best for the course. I choose Bournemouth in the end because they had smaller classes, the town isn't too busy but has everything you could imagine and of course the beach helped to persuade me. I think because I choose something that suited my personality I have never doubted my choice. I hope you don't get too stressed over your choices.

  3. If you are going to be doing marketing, you shouldn't have a problem finding a uni to go to. As I'm done uni now, I can say that it is really good to think about what town or city you are going to be in.. living costs/things to do. I went to Chester and loved it - the campus is relatively small but the city is lovely and conveniently placed for nights out and shopping! xx

  4. Ah soz to hear about the driving test. I'm saving up for mine atm. I want to learn in 2011 for sure :D x

  5. That's rubbish about your driving test. At least you have another two weeks of extra practice though. Are you thinking of staying close to home or do you want to move away?


  6. i go to bournemouth university and it is a great university for media and marketing. it is part of the skills set academy and has a business centre of excellence too. also its a great fun place to be with a beach! good luck making your choices xx

  7. @Natalie - it is, I love it! x
    @Sammy - Thanks, I was actually thinking about going to Bournemouth, it would just be hard to travel home and back as it's about 4 hours from where I live! x
    @Teacup Blogger - Thanks, there are quite a few unis that offer it, it's just hard to choose as they're all so different and have their own strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure i'll make my mind up eventually! x
    @Christina Marie - I know, I was so annoyed! Learning to drive is quite expensive so i'll be glad when i've finally passed :) x
    @Jade - I don't mind where the uni is to be honest, I just want to go somewhere that offers a good course and is a nice place to live x
    @*Starsglittermagic* - Bournemouth sounds really good and I think i'll be able to get the points to get in. I'll probably apply there although it would be nice to look around it first but it's a long way to travel! x

  8. aww thank you for putting me on the 'few to follow' part.. you're so sweet!

    Good luck with your driving test - passing the test is actually one of the best feelings ever! I accidently said ' I love you' to the examiner loool!!

  9. oww how annoying about your driving testt!!.
    Chossing uni's are so hard, i sent my ucas application off last week and it's so stressfull. I mainly went on which uni's had the best course for me, but i looked round them all as well which was a big help for me to decide which ones i liked the best.
    Good luck with your application:)

  10. I'm in my second year doing Marketing at Bournemouth - it's got a reputation for being one of the best places to study marketing, and I'm really enjoying the course and the area is lovely as well! If you have any questions about it then feel free to email me (ljames224@yahoo.co.uk):) xxx

  11. Good luck on the driving test, when eventually take it haha xxx

    Also please check out my giveaway, to win a benefit set, xxx


  12. Ah no, how annoying! Good luck for your test though in two weeks time :). I live in the north east of England and Northumbria and Newcastle are fairly good unis generally :) although I've taken lessons at both only for history and english so unsure for marketing :(. Omg thanks so much for recommending my blog Caz that really means a lot <3 p.s I've sent you an email asking for a blog interview if you fancied it xxx

  13. Oh that sucks about your driving test! Good luck when you do finally get to do it though!

  14. I missed Children in Need...but watched the new doctor who trailer when I got home. It's the small pleasures.

    Glasgow Caledonian has a good business school...marketing departments really good here. xo