7 November 2010

Like Kissing Lipstick, Or Angels In The Sand

.1. I don't have much to write about this week, I haven't really done anything interesting. I've just painted my nails using Eyeko's Rain Polish which looks gorgeous and kind of matches the really cold and rainy weather. I'm just about to watch X Factor; i'm hoping Wagner will go tonight so that it becomes a real talent competition as he doesn't deserve to be in the finals!

.2. Bonfire night isn't my favourite time of the year but I love wearing my winter coat and thick scarf and going out to a bonfire which I do most years. I went to one yesterday with some friends which was good although the fireworks weren't great - I think i'll go to a different one next year!

.3. I went to Boots this weekend and picked up a couple of things as I had a £5 No7 voucher to spend which ran out today. I didn't get much and I couldn't be bothered to do a separate post so I thought i'd just tell you what I bought. I got the No7 Concealer in Fair as i've got enough No7 nail polishes and the concealer felt really creamy. I also got a Boots Double Sharpener - i've been looking for one that fits my Benefit It Stick and this works perfectly. I know a few people on Twitter were having the same problem so i'd recommend getting the Boots one which is £2.

.4. ♥ A few to follow: Cherry Pullinger, Glimmer&Glow, Siobhan, Alice and Katie.

.5. ♫ I'm currently listening to: My Forever - Silken Butterflies, Tinchy Stryder & Taio Cruz - Second Chance, and Nelly - Just A Dream


  1. yay i am SO glad you found a sharpener for the It stick! defo going to get it!
    thankyou so much! xxx

  2. I live that Nelly song too. Been listening to it all week. Xx

  3. i love these sunday posts! and just a dream is playing sooo much over her atm!

  4. Love these posts as well! I didn't get to go to a bonfire night this year, all my local parks had axed them for some reason :( Love that Nelly song! x

  5. Is that No7 concealer actually work well?
    Just ive found (being pale also) that most concealers dont actually cover up bags whilst complimenting my skin tone - its normally one or the other :/
    Www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3 xxx

  6. i'm still in need of getting a winter coat, i keep putting it off!xxx

  7. I wish I loved Fireworks night, yes they are beautiful and would be amazing photography option but my god I hate the noise they make.
    Im such a wimp!

    Love your blog.


  8. Thank-you for the little mention :)
    I totally missed bonfire night and opted for staying in with the TV and cat x

  9. i look forward to your sunday posts :)

    btw some good news, you won 3rd place in my giveaway! check your email inbox for details :D http://paperrheart.blogspot.com/2010/11/giveaway-winners.html


  10. I've just brought the Eyeko Rain Polish! I hope it gets here soon!