12 December 2010

And It's Beginning To Get To Me, That I Know More Of The Stars And Sea

.1. I'm doing something a bit different this week as i've been catching up on all my favourite blogs and I thought there were some really good posts that deserved a special mention.
are all well worth reading.

.2. I haven't got anything (other than blogs) to read at the minute so I need some ideas! I've read all the Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk books and want something similar to read over Christmas, so if you know of any similar chick-lit rom-com type books pretty please can you recommend them below ;)

.3. I'm gutted that at the end of tonight The X Factor will be over! It wouldn't be the same without everyone's tweets and i'm going to be so bored until another reality TV show comes along (although nothing can really beat X Factor can it?!). I'm voting for Matt and One Direction as I can't really choose between them. I love One Direction as they're all very cute and it would be nice to see a group win the competition but I love Matt because he's a brilliant performer. I do like Rebecca; she has an amazing voice and will no doubt have a really successful career but for some reason I just can't connect with her.

.4.  I've finally finished my Christmas shopping! I didn't have a lot to buy but I did it all in one afternoon so i'm quite proud of myself. I had to buy a Secret Santa present for a friend and had a budget of £15 so i'm going to share that with you for anyone that needs any inspiration.

.5. ♫ I'm currently listening to: Snow Patrol - It's Beginning To Get To Me, Plain White T's - Rhythm of Love and Kings of Leon - Pyro.

Sorry this week's post has been a bit 'blah' - I haven't really been up to anything that's worth talking about!


  1. they're quite a bit heavier than rom-coms but jodi picoult has quite good books, for something a bit different. my favourites are The Pact, Salem Falls and Nineteen Minutes.
    thank you for mentioning those posts, just about to go have a browse now xxx

  2. matt to win x-factor :) all the way lol
    i predict one direction will be third, then rebecca, then matt


  3. Patricia Scanlan books are quite good - but they're a bit more serious than Sophie Kinsella
    Also I don't know if you knew but Sophie Kinsella also writes under the name Madeline Wickham (which I discovered, because both of those names are printed on the cover...which surely defeats the point!)
    And Meg Cabot's Heather Wells series (Size 12 is not Fat, Size 14 is Not Fat Either and Big Boned) are all fairly amusing.

  4. ha was just thinking about that and the x factor - what to do on a sat wthout it! boo hoo xxxx

  5. I really won't want the x factor to end - it really won't be the same withut everyone's tweets - They're better than the show itself sometimes!! x

  6. Ahh I know, what will I do with my Sundays now without the x factor nooo :(. i really thought that one direction would win, although i was rooting for rebecca. sarah you were dead on well done! i wish i had finished my xmas shopping, will probs be panicking like a nutter in a day or two haha xxx

  7. Thanks for reccomending those blogs (:, i'm SO glad that Matt won!xxx

  8. Thank-you for the mention about my post, I'm glad it was appreciated.

    I would recommend Cecilia Ahern/Wendy Holden books, also have you seen the books written by
    Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham?

    I don't quite know what I will do without the X Factor every weekend! xx

  9. Caz, I found your blog through a link in my stats, so glad I did, it's fantastic. Thank you for the link honey, means a lot xoxo

  10. Well done for getting all your christmas shopping done in the one day :) bet you feel relieved its all done! my boyfriend STILL hasnt done any of his, and I keep on giving him a frown every afternoon, because I know if he leaves it too last minute I'll get roped in to helping him! twitter is going to be quiet this weekend, but I'm sure we'll all find something else (maybe not equally as entertaining though) to talk about :p xx

  11. This holiday season I'm looking forward to have some new charm bracelets cause the one that I have right now is so out of style. Anyway I love your blog, thanks for sharing.