19 December 2010

Everywhere The Snow Surrounds You, And Melts Your Troubles Away

.1. This is my last Sunday post before Christmas so I thought i'd make it a festive one.  I'm not going to lie, for me it still doesn't feel like Christmas! I have wrapped up all my Christmas presents though and I think i'm the world's worst present wrapper! I tried to cover up the mess by adding lots of bows and ribbon to them haha and the only things I can manage to wrap neatly are books! 

.2. I'm going out tomorrow night which i'm really looking forward to and i'm sure it will get me in the Christmas spirit as you can't beat a few drinks and lots of laughs with your friends at this time of year! I'm not looking forward to it being -8 though!

.3. I'm really missing X Factor this weekend, i'm gutted it's over and I wish it was on all year round, although it probably wouldn't be as entertaining if it was! My new guilty pleasure is Take Me Out, it always makes me laugh and there are some real idiots on it! I'd really like to see Stella win The Apprentice tonight too :)

.4. The lovely Emma interviewed me recently for her blog. You can read it here and be sure to follow her as her blog is fab!

.5. ♥ A few to follow: Alice, Helen, Rosie and Sriya

.6. ♫ I'm currently listening to: Coldplay - Christmas Lights, Matt Cardle - When We CollideTrain - Shake Up Christmas, and Hurts - All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day


  1. Hope you have a great time at the party. My favorite part about holidays are all the parties with friends :)

  2. Aww im sure you'll feel christmassy soon :) ahh i love take me out aswell - abit of paddy lovin :L xx

  3. I love love love love the Coldplay's Xmas song! :)

  4. Aww thanks for the mention, it means a lot.
    I'm starting to feel Christmassy now, especially with the snow.
    I've just been watching X-Factor the winner's story and it's making me miss it. So glad Matt won. Can't wait till next year's.

  5. Oh man, the cold. I read that it's meant to be minus nine up here tomorrow night. I am considering going into hibernation!

    I'm also hoping for a Stella win! Not looking forward to seeing Melissa back on it though. Gah.

    Have a fabulous night out!

  6. I love your blog, I wasn't feeling very christmasy but now we have the tree up with all the presents and everything so now I'm really excited! Have fun tomorrow! xx

  7. I feel Christmasy all the time now. It's a little difficult with two exams left to knock out but after that, it's full on Christmas mode for me. =]

  8. I miss X Factor too!!! Even though they keep repeating Extra factor best and worst auditions etc so i think they are trying to wean us off gently :/

  9. i doesn't feel much like christmas for me, either! oh, yes, i'm rather terrible at wrapping presents, too! i'm off to check out your interview :) have fun tomorrow!

  10. I'm pretty sure i'm the worst present wrapper in the world, they look more like lumps than presents haha!xxx

  11. Love the picture, gorgeous!:D
    Don't worry, I am also the world's worst present wrapper!
    Take me out is my guilty pleasure to! Absolutely love it! But I miss X factor so much - more than I should miss a tv programme!

  12. lovely interview on Emma's blog!
    ♥thankyou for you sweet comment!

  13. Ahh you're so organised having everything wrapped I'm still buying in at the moment oh dear :o. Thanks so much for the shoutout that's so so nice of you I really didn't expect it :). I know what you mean about x factor I have no idea what to do on my Saturday and Sunday nights haha :') xxx

  14. that playlist sounds perfect for my mood right now :)
    gorgeous post as always!! x

  15. Ooh yay, I am in your post! Thank you sweets!
    I am loving Take Me Out too, but nothing will replace X Factor, I actually felt quite lost this Saturday night, like, what am I supposed to do now?! Haha.
    I love wrapping presents, I get so into cutting everything straight and making it neat. Yep, I'm that annoying person :)
    Thank you again for my little shout out!

  16. This picture makes me so happy and even more excited for Christmas :D


  17. Btw tagged you in a post: http://xxcmgxx.blogspot.com/2010/12/my-first-blog-award-versatile-blogger.html x

  18. who knew we would all miss x factor so much x