1 December 2010

Just A Little Bit Of Snow

Today was another snow day for me and as i've been loving everyone's week in photos posts I thought i'd do one for today. It hasn't stopped snowing where I live so i've had quite a lazy day although I did managed to venture to the Co-op (like a lot of people) so I could have hot tomato soup and fresh bread for dinner - perfect!
I haven't got a lot of photos as I took a few on my phone which turned out badly! 

1. Breakfast - Rice Pops and Apple (it tastes a bit like healthy Lucky Charms!)
2. You're never too young to have an advent calendar - I got a Santa hat in mine today ;)
3. Homemade jam tarts, there aren't many left!
4. The huge pile of uni prospectuses I recycled now i've sent off my UCAS
5. I've been listening to Take That all day
6. The amount of snow I woke up to on my window ledge
7, 8 and 9. More snow pictures (click to enlarge)

I hope everyone has a had a good day with or without snow!


  1. So jealous - we've got no snow, just lots of ice and wind :/
    & those home made jam tarts look yummy!! x

  2. ooooh so that is what the large chocolate in the thortons calendar was for! makes sense now :P those jam tarts look scrummy xxxx

  3. hertfordshire has had a pathetic ammount of snow so we've had to go to the school in the freezing cold :@, very jealous of your advent callender!xxx

  4. im wondering where my advent calendar is. got one from my granny but cant find it anywhere :(

  5. Those jam tarts looks so delicous, and I don't think I could spend a December without an advent calender xx

  6. OOh lovely photos, I had a snow day today too and tomato soup!
    those jam tarts look yummy :)
    visit me: http://madisonsassortment.blogspot.com/

  7. oo I have a Thornton's calendar too! Nomm

  8. Ahh wow your advent calendar is so cool :)



  9. oh how lovely.