3 December 2010

Lush, H&M and a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte

I went shopping last weekend and actually did myself proud by not spending every penny I had. I saw lots of really nice things but resisted the temptation to get them as Christmas is coming up and I really need to save my money for presents (I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet!). I love how all the shops are really Christmassy; all the bags I got were red and had Christmas themes and so was the Starbucks cup.

Starbucks red cup Christmas

My first stop was Lush; I haven't been since they released their Christmas products so I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. I managed to leave the shop without purchasing any bath products which is a first for me! I have so many bath ballistics and bubble bars to use up including some from last Christmas so I didn't want to waste my money buying products that were just going to sit in my cupboard. 

Lush sugar scrubs
I love Lush's Sugar Scrubs and always repurchase 'Sugar Babe' so when they brought out the 'Sugar Plum Fairy Scrub' for Christmas I knew i'd have to try it! It's also a bit cheaper than 'Sugar Babe' so it's well worth the money! I'm hoping to review both of these soon so look out for that post coming soon :) Even though I didn't want to buy any bath products I did fall in love with this Gingerbread House Tin so i'm going to drop lots of hints to my mum in the hope she'll get it for me for Christmas!

H&M snood
Snood £7.99
I've been loving H&M recently and there lots of really nice things I was tempted to buy. If the shop wasn't as jam-packed with clothes it would have made it a lot easier to find nice things and it put me off looking for longer. I'd seen lots of posts about H&M snoods so I picked this lovely nude one up. It's really cosy and soft and i've worn it everyday since I got it! It wasn't expensive and if you're looking for a new scarf or something to keep your neck warm i'd really recommend it.

I also got a free Galaxy Ripple from New Look - they were giving them out for free in the entrance which was nice of them, especially as I didn't actually buy anything! Things I wanted but didn't buy: these boots, this hot water bottle and these handwarmers.


  1. Oh I LOVE that snood. Very, very cute. And yay for LISH Christmas products, there's nothing like it!

  2. Lovely post :) I have Sugar plum fairy and love it! They said to me in the shop to crumble a bit in my hand and then squirt a bit of Snow fairy and use it together for a softer exfoliation :) x

  3. Such a gorgeous snood! I love LUSH Christmas products, I went on a huge splurge last week in there in preparation for going home for the Christmas holidays! Hope you've been good lovely (: xx

  4. Love the snood! Looks so cozy and warm. I must stop by H&M soon!

  5. Ah i've been wanting to try Sugar Plum fairy, sounds 'lush' , haha (sorry bad joke :P ). The snood is really nice! x

  6. ahhh Lush! I haven't been there in so long - must go and try some of their christmas goodies.

    Lovely snood - I am planning on knitting something similar myself (don't quote me though, will most probably go horribly wrong haha!)


  7. A gingerbread latte!!!

    I need one of those in my belly!!

    I was only in starbucks the other day, how did i miss i?

  8. It's so easy to get suckered in by Lush isn't it? That sugarplum scrub and the gingerbread house are both on my Christmas wish list together with lots of the other Lush Christmas goodies! Let's hope Sanat's listening! :) xx

  9. Love the Gingerbread Tin, well done for resisting the urge to spend anything ;), i've been quite good money-wise this month too xx

  10. Mmm seasonal Starbucks, Lush and H&M. Sounds just what I'm craving right now! x