26 December 2010

Take Back The City For Yourself Tonight

.1. I had a really nice relaxed Christmas at home with my family and got lots of lovely presents which i'll probably share in a separate post. I also hit the Boots sale this morning and picked up a few bits, I did have a quick look in Topshop but it was really busy so I just got the Guinea Pig Hot Water Bottle which i've been wanting for a while :) Fingers crossed i'll be able to go to the Lush sale at some point although I doubt there will be much left!

.2. It was Muffin's birthday on Tuesday and it's Truffle's birthday tomorrow and they'll both be 4 :) They're turning into old little Guinea Pigs although they don't act any different to how they did when they were 2! They're still very noisy and very lively and I love them to bits. They had some parsley as a birthday treat which they loved but I do feel sorry for them having to celebrate their birthday week in such cold weather!

.3. I went out on Monday night with some friends from sixth form and had an eventful night. I have a lovely bruise on my knee from falling down the nightclub stairs - lesson learnt from this: don't drink too many Vodka & Cokes and then hold your friends hand walking down stairs in shoes you can't walk in!

.4. ♥ A few to follow: Danielle, Megan and Lucy

.5. ♫ I'm currently listening to: Snow Patrol - Take Back The City and I Blame Coco - Self Machine


  1. I'm glad you had a lovely day! I checked out the Boots sale online - I can't believe basically all the gifts sets were half price - definitely some bargains to be had!! xx

  2. I'm glad you had a lovely christmas, i checked the Topshop sale out online and there wasn't anything inperticular that caught my eye. Check out the ASOS style, there are some lovely items!

  3. Glad you had a nice day, I had a relaxing one too. I couldn't brave the sales though, I really hate packed shops.

  4. hope you had a lovely christmas =) i keep badgering my mum to go and hit the sales with me :P waiting for it to get a bit less busy then ill be raring to go!xx

  5. Glad to hear that you had a lovely Christmas :)
    I'm braving the "real" sales tomorrow...am a bit scared of the crowds! Did the ASOS sale yesterday - can't wait for my items to arrive. x

  6. I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas sweet! Aaah happy birthday to your guinea pigs, how adorable (: Also, I will absolutely NEVER understand why they build/place stairs in places that you would consume alcohol. I've experienced the most horrendous bruises from stair and alcohol combinations at Uni :p xxx

  7. haha aw hope your leg gets better soon! glad you had a great xmas xx

  8. Glad you had a good Christmas! I still have to have a look through the sales!
    Thank you so so so so much for mentioning me, it means alot!