25 March 2011


I'm pretty sure most people who read this will have heard of Graze so i'm not going to write too much about them. To put it simply, you can order a box of four different snacks to be sent to you either once or twice a week. The snacks are a combination of things like flapjack, fruit, nuts, seeds and olives. You can pick the types of things you'd like to be sent and the things you wouldn't which is good if you're quite picky like me, for example I don't like things like olives or most types of nuts. Here's what was in my first Graze box:

New England (Dried Apple and Dried Cranberries) - I actually eat both of these a couple of times a week with cereal so I already knew i'd love them and I enjoyed having this little box as a snack. The cranberries were really sweet and juicy and went well with the apple and they've inspired me to start snacking on dried fruit more often to get my sweet fix.

Olive, Rosemary and Siciliano Pesto Focaccia - I'm not normally a fan of olives so when I was picking the things i'd like to try I avoided everything in the main olive section. I really like bread though so I said i'd like to try this. It was actually really nice and had quite a distinctive flavour which wasn't too strong. I don't think whole olives are for me but I don't mind a few smaller pieces on bread.

Very Nori-sh (Japanese Seaweed Crackers) - Part of the reason why I signed up to get a Graze box was that I wanted to try new things. I like to snack on crackers so I was pleased to see these in my box. They have a nice light texture and have the lowest calorie content out of everything I got. They have quite a fiery after taste which surprised me but it wasn't that bad! I did like them although you might need a glass of water to hand if you eat them one after the other!

Honeycomb Flapjack - I loved this as it has a soft texture and is very sweet. You can really taste the syrup and honeycomb in it and i'm kind of glad you can't buy this in the shops as i'd probably end up eating a crazy amount of it! It's a really nice treat to get this in your Graze box and although it isn't healthy it is really tasty.

Graze boxes are £3.49 each which includes free first class delivery which I think is actually really affordable. The thing I like the most about it is that you get a nice surprise when you open your box as you have no idea what combination of things you'll be sent. It's also quite healthy and gives you the opportunity to try new things you wouldn't normally eat. In your box you get a handy sheet telling you the use-by date of each product and the nutritional info so it's great if you're quite health conscious.

I got my first box completely free and my second half price which is a really good offer and gives you the chance to see if you like the idea. If you'd like to get the same offer you can use the code: 71TNFD8You can cancel really easily after you've used the offer if you don't want to continue paying the full price for each box. It's definitely worth trying as you'll get two boxes for £1.75 instead of £6.98. At the minute I can't afford to purchase a box every week but i'll be treating myself to one when I have the money as there are lots of snacks i'd love to try! I know quite a few people have already tried Graze so if you have i'd love to know what your favourites are!


  1. I love graze - the Chill Almonds, tomato bread and Korean chilli rice crackers are amazing!

  2. I love Graze boxes. I love the flapjacks although they are very sweet. I think my favourite is the Brazil nuts and chocolate mix - so yummy. x

  3. Graze is amazing. I've been getting a pack every week for months now. They definitely satisfy my snacky cravings and introduce me to new foods I've never had. :)

  4. I've never tried Graze but the honeycomb flapjack sounds delicious xxx

  5. I love Graze. I've been getting two boxes a week but I think one box a week is enough as the snacks are pretty filling.

  6. I love Graze, I love all the naughty ones though, like Rocky Road and Jaffa Cake - i.e. the ones with chocolate in! I also love the honeycomb flapjack, and the honey cashews - getting hungry just thinking about them!