15 March 2011

Recipe: Tomato & Basil Sweet Potato

I am a huge lover of rustic comfort food and this recipe is something I could easily eat everyday. It takes quite a bit of time to cook but the recipe is really simple and tastes amazing! Sweet Potatoes are a bit of a new discovery for me but they taste so much nicer than normal ones!

Tomato & Basil Stuffed Sweet Potato

This recipe is quite healthy and is really versatile so you can easily add and take away ingredients so that it suits your taste. It also counts as two of your 5 a day but like me you could add sweetcorn or a salad to make it even better!

Tomato & Basil Sweet Potato ingredients

1 Sweet Potato
30g Cheese
7 Cherry Tomatoes
5 Basil Leaves

-Pre-heat your oven to 200°c
-Wash the sweet potato and stab with a knife a few times
-Bake in the oven for 1 hour, turning it over after 30 minutes
-Grate the cheese, chop the tomatoes and finely chop the basil leaves while the potato is cooking
-Remove potato from the oven and cut in half
-Scoop out the filling and mash it in a bowl
-Add your fillings to the bowl and mash it all together
-Scoop the filling back into the potato skins
-Add a sprinkle of grated cheese to the top
-Return the potato to the oven for 20-30 minutes or until the top is golden brown or the cheese has melted

303 Calories, 51g Carbohydrates, 5g Fat, 19g Protein, 19g Sugar

If you try this let me know what you think; if anyone has any other interesting flavours or suggestions for sweet potatoes i'd love to hear them :)


  1. I've never tried sweet potato will defintely give this a go xx

  2. I've never tried sweet potato either, but this recipe will definitely be printed out and put in my recipe book!

  3. This looks delicious! Sweet potatoe is one of my favourite foods, defs going to be trying this :) It's pretty diet friendly too :D xoxo

  4. Oooh this sounds rather delicious!!! Will definitely be trying it!! Thanks Caz!!! I love the layout of your blog it's so pretty!!! Did you make the header yourself?? <3

  5. Ooh you are such a talented little chef Caz! This looks so yummy! x

  6. This looks AMAZING. I love sweet potatoes xxx

  7. I tried sweet potato wedges about two weeks ago and think they are so delish! I did find that they do take abit of time to cook but they are so tastey and are so much better for your rather than regular potato xx

  8. This looks so nice. I love sweet potatos (although hate normal ones). Your food photography is gorgeous. x

  9. That looks super yummy! :D xx

  10. This isn't something that would appeal to me, but would my mum would love it! Thanks for the recipe, will definately be making her this :) xx

  11. yum yum yum, defs made me want to try sweet potatoe too! might pick one up when I'm next in town!xo

  12. i loveee sweet potato so will be giving this a try! x

  13. Thanks for your comments :) I'm glad you all like the recipe x

    @Ibbabelle - Thank you :) I made my header myself x