24 April 2011

I Get Dressed Up In My Summer Clothes & Step Outside To Look At The Roses

.1. First of all, Happy Easter! I've got quite a bit of chocolate to enjoy which is nice and I was really enjoying the lovely weather until we got a rainstorm and lots of thunder yesterday!  I'll be honest and say I failed Lent. I have significantly cut down on all the crap i've been eating but it's so difficult when none of your family are taking part and there are lots of tasty things to eat! I haven't really done that badly; I mainly just broke it on two of my friends birthdays, when I went to Scarborough and when my mum made an incredibly tasty fruit crumble! I think after i've eaten all the chocolate I got today i'll probably carry on eating less sugary treats as there is more to life than chocolate! I hope everyone else did well with their Lent challenges too :)

.2.This week has had it's ups and downs but on the whole it's been nice. I've really enjoyed the warmer weather although i've spent a lot of it stuck inside doing work for 6th Form. I went to a pub quiz on Tuesday; I can't say I particularly enjoyed it as I knew about 1 out of the 40 questions as it wasn't exactly aimed at a group of 18 year olds! I wasn't impressed that a group of teenagers sat on the table next to us won when they'd been cheating using their phones!

.3. I went out on Thursday night with everyone from 6th Form. It's the last properly organised night so I tried to make the most of it and overall I had a good night. I wore this vest from New Look paired with this skirt from H&M and some black heels. I was planning on doing an OOTN but I honestly can't get any decent pictures! Really want to get myself a decent camera but sadly with uni coming up in September I doubt it will happen - i'm not the best person in the world at saving money! 

♥ A few to follow: Zoe, Jess and Perdi


  1. Thank you for mentioning me, I really do appreciate it. We also had thunder and lightening randomly. Shame I was still wearing shorts haha.


  2. Happy easter! Well done on keeping up your challenge for lent, it sounds like you did well even if you did have some fruit crumble! x

  3. happy easter! we were hearing thunder yesterday too but somehow it missed us, which is very unusual! xx

  4. sounds like a good week! love the look of the bunny cakes..xx