3 April 2011

I Got The Feeling That I’m Not Alone, So Many Voices In The Great Unknown

.1. I hope everyone has had a good Mother's Day :) I've spent my weekend doing coursework although I haven't done as much as i'd have liked and it's got to be handed in on Wednesday! We have to put it on A3 paper though and i've run out so I do have an excuse as I can't get any more until tomorrow!

.2. I think I might have to sell my TV because there seriously isn't anything to watch anymore ;) No more Take Me Out, Junior Doctors or One Born Every Minute which means i'll have to do some coursework or revision! If anyone wants to recommend me anything good to watch I would be very grateful, i'm thinking of watching an episode of The Only Way Is Essex to see what all the fuss is about!

.3. I went out on Friday night to a party for another one of my friend's 18th. I don't see him a lot so it was nice to have a catch up and I didn't go with my usual group of friends so it was good to see a few different people for once. I'm trying to make the most of the times I do go out because before I know it i'll be revising every night!

♥ A few to follow: Gossamer Girl and Sequin This

♫ I'm currently listening to: Fenech Soler - The Great Unknown and Taio Cruz - Telling The World

...Oh and i'm so excited for this!


  1. I'm so gutted Junior Doctors has finished- really hope they do a second series with them on their next placements. You HAVE to watch The Only Way is Essex- it's honestly brilliant viewing even if it's just how ridiculous the people are!xxx

  2. i loved one born every minute, it was literally the highlight of my week, especially with all the revision to do! xxx

  3. Ahh I know how you feel Secret Diary of a Call girl and wild at heart finished too.
    http://www.seesaw.com/ (dont worry its legal aha) has loads of old series on - I've been watch old wife swaps and other such t.v


  4. love the only way is essex - Arg is the best :) you MUST get into it.
    Thanks for the follow hun xxx

  5. Agreed on having to sell one's TV - I don't even turn it on anymore :)

  6. My whole weekend has been spent doing coursework too! Not fun! I agree about the whole TV thing, you have to watch the only way is essex! Its soo good! Watch some old episodes though so you get a feel for it :D

  7. Ah all the good shows have ended for me too :( Skins, Waterloo Road etc.. excited for BGT talent though! x

  8. Thanks for the mention lovely :) oh and don't watch The Only Way is Essex... it's so trashy. I say this, but I watch it haha xx

  9. TOWIE is amazing! It seriously is my life! I think theres alot of good tv at the moment! Eastenders, Jamies dream school and the modelling agency is awesomee! :) xx

  10. Ah! I was gutted when junior doctors finished, it was soo good. Incidentally, The Only Way Is Essex has become a sort of replacement, although it doesn't compare! xx

  11. I remember when I first started blogging, you were my first ever follower, and you gave me a blogging award. Now it's time to return the favour.
    I'm not sure if you still do these, but I thought I'd let you know anyway.